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Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

DIY Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

You don’t need another set of plastic game pieces kicking around your home, though. Instead, here’s how to make any set of polyominoes that you want from sturdy, upcycled, recyclable cardboard.

Sewn Fabric Baskets

How to Make the Easiest Sewn Fabric Baskets

These fabric baskets are purposefully a bit on the droopy side, because I don’t like to sew with artificial materials like interfacing. A little interfacing or even cereal box cardboard would firm them up, though, if you prefer that look.

Wildlife Rescue Pouch

Sew a Wildlife Rescue Pouch from Fleece Scraps

Wildlife rescues use fleece pouches to contain small and baby animals in a way that keeps them feeling safe and comfortable. It mimics the type of pouch that a marsupial animal will be familiar with, and recreates the feeling of a nest for other animals.

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax from a Jar Candle

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax out of a Jar Candle

My go-to process for cleaning wax out of jar candles used to be tedious and time-consuming. But now I’ve successfully used the Power of Science to come up with THE quickest and easiest go-to process.

No Sew Mini Felt Heart Garland

No-Sew Mini Felt Heart Bunting

This mini heart bunting is a low-key gift, since it’s nice and small. Big hearts are corny, but small hearts are cute!

Cleaned and Refurbished Building Blocks

How to Clean and Refurbish Old Wooden Building Blocks

Here’s how to deep clean wooden building blocks and simple wooden toys, how to refurbish them, and even how to polish them up so they look beautiful and fancy and like the high-quality heirlooms that they are.

Replace a Zipper

How to Replace the Zipper in a Pair of Pants

Be warned: pants zippers are tedious and painstaking to replace. What they are not, however, is difficult. If you’ve sewn with zippers before, and you’re comfortable using a zipper foot, you can make this repair.

DIY Scrunchie

Upcycled Hair Accessories: Stashbust a Scrunchie

Scrunchies are one of my favorite stashbuster projects. Like the other projects that I mentioned, scrunchies are very forgiving, so you can fudge fabric dimensions as needed to fit your scraps.

Bell Bottoms

Clothing Refashion: Another Way to DIY Bell Bottoms

This method results in a pair of bell bottoms that are wide and blousy and flowy. You couldn’t get away with wearing them in all circumstances, but they’re also super dramatic and super fun for every bell bottom-appropriate occasion.

20 Summer Camp Crafts for a Kid-Friendly Summer

Take a few pages out of the camp counselor handbook and check out my list of my favorite summer camp-style crafts. They’re all highly kid-approved, and you can very likely source all the necessary supplies from around your house, yard, or recycling bin.

How to Drill through Glass

How to Drill through Glass

Drilling through glass isn’t as hard as it looks, and it’s a specific skill that is honestly pretty amazing to have.

DIY Terrycloth Bath Mat

DIY: Upcycle Old Towels into a New Bath Mat

I cut up several old towels to piece together a cute applique mushroom, quilted it onto a couple other old towels, and now have a brand-new custom bath mat that the kids and I are delighted with.

Altered Playing Card Ornaments

Crafty Christmas: Make Altered Playing Card Ornaments

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are my favorite holiday decoration. Every year, my kids and I add more handmade ornaments to our collection and I cull a couple more store-bought ornaments. My ultimate goal is to have a Christmas tree so bedazzled that you can barely see its branches, with nary a store-bought ornament in sight.

How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

How to Transform Wicker Baskets with Paint

Painting a wicker basket is a super quick project that makes a big change in the overall look of your room. And when you get tired of your current color scheme, repainting that basket is just as quick and easy!

How to Darn a Sock

How to Darn a Sock

A well-made sock can stand up to a lot of wear, and when a hole does finally work its way through, then you can darn that sock to make it even better than it was when it was new.

How to Clean and Refurbish Antique Door Hardware

I don’t have any kind of yearning to restore my wonky old house to its original condition, but it would be pretty cool to clean and refurbish just those antique door fixtures, just to see what they actually look like.

broken dish pendant

How to Make a Broken Dish Pendant

It’s easier than you think to cut ceramics with a couple of standard tools, and there are loads of ways to finish off the pendant to your taste.

wood star template

How to Design and Create a Wood Star from Scratch

No matter how big you want your star to be, or how many points you want it to have, you can make the pattern for it completely from scratch, and the assembly is the same no matter which type you create.

button on pants

How to Sew a Button Back on Your Pants

Fortunately, sewing a button back on your pants is a super easy and low-fuss skill that requires only a basic amount of hand-eye coordination. Anyone can do it!

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