Back to School Ideas

Corrugated Cardboard Tower of Hanoi

DIY Corrugated Cardboard Tower of Hanoi

This Tower of Hanoi is NOT made from plastic! Instead, it’s made from that likely-looking piece of corrugated cardboard hanging out there in your recycling bin. Cut it up, add some decorations, and you’ll have yourself a brand-new version of a 140-year-old logic game.

Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

DIY Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

You don’t need another set of plastic game pieces kicking around your home, though. Instead, here’s how to make any set of polyominoes that you want from sturdy, upcycled, recyclable cardboard.

Memory Game

20 Homemade Indoor Games

Homemade games add an extra-fun element to any indoor play. You can customize your homemade games to perfectly suit the interests and current abilities of your kids, and older kids can even help with their creation.

Fast Fashion kill das klima via Stefan Muller CC2.0

Why Shein Sucks, and What You Should Wear Instead

But alas, Shein is yet another imported fast fashion outlet, even more insidiously unsustainable than the other imported fast fashion outlets.Β 

So if Shein is so unsustainable, why is it so popular, especially with young adults who should know better?

Brown Paper Bag Crafts: How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Journal

How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Journal

A brown paper bag journal is quick, easy, and makes a great writing and drawing surface! Grab a bag from the recycle bin and follow the easy instructions.

Coloring Pages Crafts and DIY School Supplies: How to Embellish a Composition Book

20 DIY School Supplies for Back to School

Whether you’re making some of your kid’s school supplies from scratch, or you’d just like to personalize them, these DIY school supplies will make going back to school a lot more fun!

DIY Density Discovery Bottles

DIY Density Discovery Bottles

There are a lot of simple, easy, around-the-house ingredients that will encourage babies through big kids (and even adults!) to be excited science explorers.

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

5 Healthy Lunch Resources that are Cute and Crafty

Packing a healthy lunch for your kid can be a challenge, especially on busy mornings. I am with you, parents! My kid’s schools this year all start 30 minutes earlier than last year, and mornings at my house feel crazy short.

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