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DIY Scrunchie

Upcycled Hair Accessories: Stashbust a Scrunchie

Scrunchies are one of my favorite stashbuster projects. Like the other projects that I mentioned, scrunchies are very forgiving, so you can fudge fabric dimensions as needed to fit your scraps.

2-Liter Plastic Bottle Hanging Planters

Leaning into the Discomfort, Part Two: 2-Liter Bottle Hanging Planters

I LOVE the hanging planters that these plastic bottles create. They’re extremely light, so I don’t have to worry about overburdening the curtain rods that I hang a million plants and suncatchers and other dangly things from. They’re self-watering, so I can leave them without worry when I travel, and the water reservoirs are transparent, so I can see when I need to refill them.

Bottle Brick via The Plastic Solution on Facebook

You Should Be Making Bottle Bricks

Bottle bricks are a way of both accepting the reality of plastic waste, and also using the physical fact of that waste for a specific purpose.

How to Drill through Glass

How to Drill through Glass

Drilling through glass isn’t as hard as it looks, and it’s a specific skill that is honestly pretty amazing to have.

DIY Dress Form

You Should Make Yourself a Dress Form

If you can sew at all, then, I highly recommend that you spend a couple of afternoons DIYing yourself a dress form to your specific measurements. It’s a little weird to have an exact model of your torso just standing there, yes, but I have found the ability to custom fit patterns to be quite remarkable.

Halloween bunting

20 Frightful and Festive Things to Sew for Halloween

Let the Halloween crafting begin! Whether you’re a newbie or an advanced sewer, sewn Halloween projects are a terrific way to decorate for the holiday. Pillows, stuffies, and buntings are fun and festive, and they’re easy to store between seasons.

Howdy Gadget Cases by Yvonne (bijoux & crafts) via CC BY 2.0

It’s Your Job to End the Reign of Craft Vinyl

Vinyl as a product has been around for decades, and vinyl as a craft supply has been around for nearly as long. It’s the popularity and affordability of computerized die-cut machines, however, that has really brought craft vinyl into popularity. With a die-cut machine, it’s simple to create a perfect graphic from crafty vinyl, requiring only weeding and adhesion to make a complete product.

How To Frost Glass

Frosted glass is easy to DIY, and there are a ton of different methods to do it.

corrugated cardboard

30 Clever Corrugated Cardboard Crafts

Corrugated cardboard is one of my favorite craft supplies, and after you check out my list of favorite corrugated cardboard projects, below, I think it’s going to be one of your favorite craft supplies, too!

25 Eco-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun, and I think you’re going to love these eco-friendly craft projects perfect for decorating and celebrating that spring is (almost) here.

16 Homemade Recipes for Fingerpainting

Fingerpainting is a wonderful activity for the little ones, and it’s even better when you realize that you don’t have to bother with store-bought fingerpaints for the kids to have a great time.

Upcycled Marker Crafts

Is Denatured Alcohol Eco-Friendly?

When you’re looking for an alternative to most commercial cleaning supplies, it’s important not to overlook one of the cheapest, most readily-available cleaning supply out there.

Recycled Crafts for Spring

16 Recycled Crafts for Spring

Start spring off right by raiding your recycling bin and cleaning out your stash, because you’re going to love this list of spring crafts, all made from recycled materials!

Nature Crafts for Spring

17 Nature Crafts for Spring

Don’t head to the store for a bunch of stuff to help your house look more spring-like, because nature is on your side.

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