Crafty Gift Ideas

How to Display Vintage Photographs

One Dozen Ways to Upcycle Photographs

. I love turning these old photos that I never look at into all-new decorations and utilitarian items, giving them new lives and incorporating those happy memories into even more parts of my home.

Corrugated Cardboard Box Cat Scratcher

20 Cat Toys and Enrichment Items from Eco-Friendly Materials

Cat enrichment is so important to the physical and emotional well-being of your cats. Don’t let your tiny hunters suffer from boredom; instead, check out this list of my favorite cat enrichment items below, and make your best friend their new favorite toy!

Wood Burned and Stained Easter Eggs

36 Easy and Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

Today, instead of feeling like you have to go out and purchase new decorations and baskets and toys and treats, choose something from my list of my favorite eco-friendly Easter crafts. Make something that you’ll love to reuse, and save yourself from adding new items to the global waste stream.

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebooks

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebook with Upcycled Papers

This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving my teenagers each this little gift created with their two favorite things in mind: sugar cereal and tiny notebooks!

Here’s how to make your own tiny heart-shaped notebooks with cereal box covers and upcycled papers!

Painted building blocks

New Toys from Old Toys: Painted Building Blocks

Whether you’re refurbishing a kid’s hand-me-down building blocks for a new generation, or adding new interest to a current toy, painting building blocks is an excellent way to turn an old toy into something brand-new and exciting.

upcycled Christmas crafts

Three Dozen Felt Christmas Ornaments to DIY

Felt is excellent for children and beginners because it doesn’t fray. It can be hand-sewn or machine sewn, and while it has zero drape, it has a ton of structure that allows you to skip the starch and interfacing.

So pick your favorite ornament, your favorite felt, and start crafting!

Handmade Stationery

Is Your DIY Envelope Mailable? Here are the USPS Guidelines for Handmade Envelopes

My personal rule of thumb these days is that the more I love my letter and want it to reach its destination, the more standard I make the envelope. If you’re just playing around with some fun, low-stakes pieces, feel free to experiment with your most creative choices. If you really want your piece to arrive safely and on time, however, make you DIY envelopes just a *little* bit creative.

Bath Bombs

25 Homemade Bath and Body Recipes

Below are some of my favorite homemade bath and body recipes. They’re all made from natural ingredients (of course!), and my favorite part is subbing in my favorite essential oils and dried herbs.

Upcycled Greeting Cards

16 DIY Greeting Cards Made from Upcycled Materials

I love how depending on the technique and level of detail, a DIY greeting card can be quick and easy or methodical and precise, and look super awesome either way. I love how easy it is to incorporate upcycled or natural materials or found objects.

how to make string art

How To Do String Art

I’m going to show you how to make string art the completely DIY way–from scratch, by hand. It’s going to be awesome.

How to Make a Bean Bag Chicken

These cute chickens make great little gifts, and since you can sew them up quickly completely from scraps, no two are alike!

baby on quilt

24 Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts are a great intro to quilting, as their smaller size makes them a less time-consuming (and SUPER satisfying!) project to complete.

Cat Toy from Upcycled Materials

40 DIY Upcycled Cat And Dog Toys

Each project uses upcycled materials in its making, so that it’s eco-friendly (and cheap to make!) and has a full tutorial so that you can easily DIY your pet its newest, funnest plaything.

Warm Up America

Crafting for Good: Warm Up America!

If you like to knit or crochet but don’t feel like you ever have the time to make a finished piece, so how can you possibly craft for charity, then I have the perfect organization for you.

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