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25 Homemade Bath and Body Recipes

Below are some of my favorite homemade bath and body recipes. They’re all made from natural ingredients (of course!), and my favorite part is subbing in my favorite essential oils and dried herbs.

DIY Terrycloth Bath Mat

DIY: Upcycle Old Towels into a New Bath Mat

I cut up several old towels to piece together a cute applique mushroom, quilted it onto a couple other old towels, and now have a brand-new custom bath mat that the kids and I are delighted with.

sleep mask

How to Sew a Sleep Mask

A soft and comfy sleep mask will block any ambient light that comes your way, letting you drowse in complete darkness.

Upcycled Marker Crafts

Is Denatured Alcohol Eco-Friendly?

When you’re looking for an alternative to most commercial cleaning supplies, it’s important not to overlook one of the cheapest, most readily-available cleaning supply out there.

Treat your skin to an energizing sugar scrub with a bright, citrusy scent!

Maple Lemongrass Energizing Sugar Scrub

Aromatic sugar scrubs are my favorite remedy for dry skin. You get to exfoliate, moisturize, and treat yourself to a little aromatherapy all at the same time! This Maple Lemongrass Sugar Scrub is energizing and revitalizing.

DIY Makeup: Fix that Broken Eye Shadow

DIY Makeup: Fix Your Broken Eye Shadow

Did you try to apply eye shadow before having coffee and drop it on the floor? You don’t have to toss that crumbled color. Try this DIY makeup fix instead!

How to Make Toothpaste, 3 Ways!

Spotted: How to Make Toothpaste (no, really!)

Conventional toothpaste is full of harmful chemicals. Shocking, since this is stuff that’s supposed to go into your mouth, right? Most conventional toothpaste contains artificial colors and flavors along with chemicals that might even weaken your teeth over time. And the worst of the bunch also contain triclosan or triclocarban. Instead of agonizing over a long ingredients label, you can save some cash and learn how to make toothpaste yourself. At home. With ingredients that you pick!

How to Make Mouthwash with Only 2 Ingredients

How to Make Mouthwash with Two Ingredients

Store-bought mouthwash often contains nasty chemical ingredients, and natural brands of mouthwash can be on the pricy side. Here’s how to make mouthwash with ingredients that you probably have in your house already.

Gibson Tuck Tutorial

Gibson Tuck: An Up-Do How-To

If your hair is long enough for a ponytail, you can don the Gibson tuck. My hair is almost shoulder length, but it works with longer styles as well.

Giveaway: Win Three Handmade Soaps from Soaps to Live by

Soaps to Live by is giving away, to one lucky winner with a United States address, three of their handmade soaps of the winner’s choice. Yesterday I reviewed the Bliss oatmeal cloves soap, the Dream peppermint rosemary organic soap, and the Shine citrus lavender soap, but perhaps you’re more into patchouli orange–then Hope is YOUR soap! Prefer thyme lemongrass? You’ll want to ask for Live.

Whatever your preferences, get your wish list ready, and then read on to see how you can enter to win your own three soaps from Soaps to Live by.

Organic Terrycloth Hooded Towel

How-to: Organic Terrycloth Hooded Towel with Applique

There’s nothing like hopping out of the pool and into a comfy, soft, bounteous towel.

But big beach towels are hard for little kids to manage, and that bleached, dyed terrycloth can be scratchy and harsh on damp, delicate skin.

It’s an organic terrycloth hooded towel to the rescue!

How-to: DIY Travel Toothbrush Holder from a Washcloth or Stash Toweling

This travel toothbrush holder isn’t the kind of fancy holder with a pocket for your toothpaste and another pocket for your floss. It’s not monogrammed, it’s not sewn from cute fabric, and it doesn’t match anything.

What it is, however, is functional and quick to make. It’s the kind of travel toothbrush holder that you sew the day before your trip when you need a break from packing, the kind of travel toothbrush holder that you’ll actually use because you can just throw it in your bag, the kind of travel toothbrush holder that, if you accidentally forget it in your hotel room, won’t break your heart because you’ll know you can sew another one in about ten minutes.

Here’s how to make THAT kind of travel toothbrush holder.

Best Bubble Recipes

Yes, you can buy bubble solution anywhere. Yes, it’s super cheap.

No, you don’t really know what’s in it.

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