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Best Eco-Friendly Craft Books of 2022

My Five Favorite Eco-Friendly Craft Books of 2022

I’m always on the lookout and reserve a special place in my heart for those craft books that truly do use eco-friendly methods and/or materials.

Here, then, are my favorite eco-friendly craft books published in 2022!

Lori Guilderson, owner of Charlotte's Friends, gives second-hand traditional dolls (think Bratz) a feminist makeover. Goodbye, unrealistic standards of beauty; hello, dolls that look like an average person!

Charlotte’s Friends Upcycled Dolls

Lori Guilderson, owner of Charlotte’s Friends, gives traditional dolls (think Bratz) a feminist makeover. Meet Lori and learn all about what inspires her!

Upcycled Planters - Whiskey Barrel

9 Upcycled & DIY Planters for Your Container Garden

Whether you’re growing food, succulents, or houseplants, you need something to put those babies in. These upcycled and DIY planters come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can choose what’s best for your garden.

Project Linus

Crafting for Good: Project Linus

Want to give traumatized or hospitalized children something secure and soft to cuddle? Check out Project Linus, which provides handmade quilts and blankets to children in need across the country.

The Pussyhat Project

Craftivism: The Pussyhat Project

Marchers and supporters for the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017, have inspired an international craftivist movement called The Pussyhat Project.

Outside: A Guide to Discovering Nature

Book Review of Outside: A Guide to Discovering Nature

If you know a kid who loves nature crafts, then it’s worthwhile to provide that kid with a guidebook to the natural world, one that shows her the processes that form all the things that she enjoys creating with.

Craft Knife

Selfie Saturday: Craft Knife

I’m the one who does all the comic book and record album craft tutorials, and the one with the photos of my two kids doing all kinds of crazy stuff like wielding power tools and pipe swords, which some of you super like to yell at me about!

Palletfest 2014

Come to PalletFest!

1. Do you love to upcycle? 2. Do you love to refashion? 3. Do you live in Denver, Colorado?

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