DIY Natural Toys

Corrugated Cardboard Box Cat Scratcher

20 Cat Toys and Enrichment Items from Eco-Friendly Materials

Cat enrichment is so important to the physical and emotional well-being of your cats. Don’t let your tiny hunters suffer from boredom; instead, check out this list of my favorite cat enrichment items below, and make your best friend their new favorite toy!

Mary Blair blocks

Three Dozen DIY Building Block Crafts

There are so many ways to create your own building block sets, so many ways to embellish old or thrifted block sets to make them playable in an all-new way, and so many ways to upcycle blocks so that you can enjoy them in brand-new ways.

Painted building blocks

New Toys from Old Toys: Painted Building Blocks

Whether you’re refurbishing a kid’s hand-me-down building blocks for a new generation, or adding new interest to a current toy, painting building blocks is an excellent way to turn an old toy into something brand-new and exciting.

Cleaned and Refurbished Building Blocks

How to Clean and Refurbish Old Wooden Building Blocks

Here’s how to deep clean wooden building blocks and simple wooden toys, how to refurbish them, and even how to polish them up so they look beautiful and fancy and like the high-quality heirlooms that they are.

how to make a fairy garden

How to Make a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is easy to make, and nope, it actually doesn’t require any of those porcelain or plastic store-bought fairy garden accessories.

Autumn Crafts: Take the ephemeral beauty of autumn leaves and make it last forever when you preserve leaves with the one simple, natural ingredient that is pure beeswax.

32 Nature Crafts for Autumn

Nature’s bounty is always extra generous in the fall. Make the most of it with these kid-friendly nature crafts for autumn!

21 DIY Baby Toys from Organic and Recycled Materials

What is it about babies that makes us want to shower them with gifts? I can’t resist cute baby things, but my inner green crafter tsks at those consumerist impulses. When I can I try to make things for my little guy instead of buying, and I bet that I’m not the only crafter that does that! Need some ideas for DIY baby toys to keep your kiddo entertained without hurting the planet? Try some of these tutorials!

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