Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate

Sewn Fabric Basket

20 Fabric Bins, Baskets, and Other DIY Storage Solutions

You can DIY quite a lot of storage solutions using stash or scrap fabric as a base. You can make drawstring bags and floppy baskets, sure, but also boxes, bins, cubbies, and all sorts of other handy ways to organize and neatly store your stuff.

Wood Burned and Stained Easter Eggs

36 Easy and Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

Today, instead of feeling like you have to go out and purchase new decorations and baskets and toys and treats, choose something from my list of my favorite eco-friendly Easter crafts. Make something that you’ll love to reuse, and save yourself from adding new items to the global waste stream.

Cushion Cover

DIY Cushion Cover from a Blanket

No matter what cushion you’ve got that needs a washable, reusable cover, I’m not going to judge you. Instead, I’m going to show you how to make that cover from any handy blanket that you’ve got in your stash.

Glass Bottle Suncatcher

20 DIY Suncatchers from Upcycled Materials

So when these tutorials make you, too, obsessed with suncatchers, and you, too, have a handful of DIY suncatchers crowding every sunny window and sparkling in every corner of your back deck and garden, all I have to say is…

You’re welcome!

Glass Bottle Bottom Ring Holder

Zero Waste Upcycling: One Dozen Glass Bottle Bottom Crafts

Sure, you can toss that boring bottle bottom into the recycling bin… except there are SO MANY awesome ways to upcycle even glass bottle bottoms! Check out my list of my favorite projects that just happen to do really cool things with the least likely parts of glass bottles.

You can make some really great things out of old playing cards.

20 Altered Playing Card Crafts

Whether you’ve got a deck of playing cards that are past their prime or just a partial deck of survivors, I’ve got plenty of ideas for upcycling them! Playing cards are one of my favorite craft supplies to alter, and once you find your perfect project among the tutorials below, I think you’re going to like altered playing card crafts just as much as I do!

How to Clean and Refurbish Antique Door Hardware

I don’t have any kind of yearning to restore my wonky old house to its original condition, but it would be pretty cool to clean and refurbish just those antique door fixtures, just to see what they actually look like.

How To Frost Glass

Frosted glass is easy to DIY, and there are a ton of different methods to do it.


30 Eco-Friendly DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving tends to get lost in the build-up to Christmas, but even though there’s snow on the ground outside my window right now, I personally still want to pretend like it’s autumn.

felt flower bouquet

45 Ways To Make Felt Flowers Without A Cricut

You can make anything you can think of out of felt (and some days, I feel like I already have!), but some of the most surprisingly fun–and surprisingly lovely!–things that you can make are felt flowers.

25 Eco-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun, and I think you’re going to love these eco-friendly craft projects perfect for decorating and celebrating that spring is (almost) here.

How to Cut Glass Bottles

35 Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

The best part of reusing empty wine bottles is that you won’t have that big bin of them sitting out on your curb for all of your neighbors to look at on Recycling Day.

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