Holiday Crafts

Wood Burned and Stained Easter Eggs

36 Easy and Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

Today, instead of feeling like you have to go out and purchase new decorations and baskets and toys and treats, choose something from my list of my favorite eco-friendly Easter crafts. Make something that you’ll love to reuse, and save yourself from adding new items to the global waste stream.

No Sew Mini Felt Heart Garland

No-Sew Mini Felt Heart Bunting

This mini heart bunting is a low-key gift, since it’s nice and small. Big hearts are corny, but small hearts are cute!

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebooks

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebook with Upcycled Papers

This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving my teenagers each this little gift created with their two favorite things in mind: sugar cereal and tiny notebooks!

Here’s how to make your own tiny heart-shaped notebooks with cereal box covers and upcycled papers!

upcycled Christmas crafts

Three Dozen Felt Christmas Ornaments to DIY

Felt is excellent for children and beginners because it doesn’t fray. It can be hand-sewn or machine sewn, and while it has zero drape, it has a ton of structure that allows you to skip the starch and interfacing.

So pick your favorite ornament, your favorite felt, and start crafting!

DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

Two Dozen Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

Think outside the (brand-new, laminated cardboard, single-use) gift box when it comes to ideas for eco-friendly gift packaging. Upcycled papers, stash supplies, and cardboard from the recycling bin can all be of service to create gift packaging that’s unique and fits your personality way better than anything you can buy new.

DIY Cardboard Minecraft Head

20 DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes

Cardboard is one of my favorite crafting supplies because it’s so accessible and so versatile. It’s easy to cut with a craft knife or a sturdy pair of scissors, it holds great with hot glue or duct tape, it takes paint like a champ, and it’s got great structure to support all kinds of weird, costume-y elements and accessories.

Altered Playing Card Ornaments

Crafty Christmas: Make Altered Playing Card Ornaments

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are my favorite holiday decoration. Every year, my kids and I add more handmade ornaments to our collection and I cull a couple more store-bought ornaments. My ultimate goal is to have a Christmas tree so bedazzled that you can barely see its branches, with nary a store-bought ornament in sight.

wood star template

How to Design and Create a Wood Star from Scratch

No matter how big you want your star to be, or how many points you want it to have, you can make the pattern for it completely from scratch, and the assembly is the same no matter which type you create.

fox mask

15 DIY Fox Masks For Cosplay And Dress-Up

If you, too, love foxes so much that one could eat somebody you love and you’d still forgive it, then I have your next Halloween project. Or convention cosplay. Or, you know, just dress-up outfit–I’m not here to judge you.


30 Eco-Friendly DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving tends to get lost in the build-up to Christmas, but even though there’s snow on the ground outside my window right now, I personally still want to pretend like it’s autumn.

25 Eco-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun, and I think you’re going to love these eco-friendly craft projects perfect for decorating and celebrating that spring is (almost) here.

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