DIY Baby Gear

DIY Density Discovery Bottles

DIY Density Discovery Bottles

There are a lot of simple, easy, around-the-house ingredients that will encourage babies through big kids (and even adults!) to be excited science explorers.

21 DIY Baby Toys from Organic and Recycled Materials

What is it about babies that makes us want to shower them with gifts? I can’t resist cute baby things, but my inner green crafter tsks at those consumerist impulses. When I can I try to make things for my little guy instead of buying, and I bet that I’m not the only crafter that does that! Need some ideas for DIY baby toys to keep your kiddo entertained without hurting the planet? Try some of these tutorials!

7 Handmade Baby Gifts

Handmade baby gifts have more heart than store-bought, so you know that your recipient will cherish them for a long time. Craft up these seven baby gifts this holiday season.

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