Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts from Natural Materials

Two Dozen Thanksgiving Food Crafts

Thanksgiving food crafts let you get crafty for the holiday without adding a ton of junk to the waste stream.

There is so much going on, food-wise, for Thanksgiving that adding a whole other component of holiday decorating–much less the crafting required to make those decorations!–can sometimes just be too much.

Corrugated Cardboard Tower of Hanoi

DIY Corrugated Cardboard Tower of Hanoi

This Tower of Hanoi is NOT made from plastic! Instead, it’s made from that likely-looking piece of corrugated cardboard hanging out there in your recycling bin. Cut it up, add some decorations, and you’ll have yourself a brand-new version of a 140-year-old logic game.

Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

DIY Upcycled Cardboard Polyominoes

You don’t need another set of plastic game pieces kicking around your home, though. Instead, here’s how to make any set of polyominoes that you want from sturdy, upcycled, recyclable cardboard.

Memory Game

20 Homemade Indoor Games

Homemade games add an extra-fun element to any indoor play. You can customize your homemade games to perfectly suit the interests and current abilities of your kids, and older kids can even help with their creation.

Mary Blair blocks

Three Dozen DIY Building Block Crafts

There are so many ways to create your own building block sets, so many ways to embellish old or thrifted block sets to make them playable in an all-new way, and so many ways to upcycle blocks so that you can enjoy them in brand-new ways.

Painted building blocks

New Toys from Old Toys: Painted Building Blocks

Whether you’re refurbishing a kid’s hand-me-down building blocks for a new generation, or adding new interest to a current toy, painting building blocks is an excellent way to turn an old toy into something brand-new and exciting.

Cleaned and Refurbished Building Blocks

How to Clean and Refurbish Old Wooden Building Blocks

Here’s how to deep clean wooden building blocks and simple wooden toys, how to refurbish them, and even how to polish them up so they look beautiful and fancy and like the high-quality heirlooms that they are.

20 Summer Camp Crafts for a Kid-Friendly Summer

Take a few pages out of the camp counselor handbook and check out my list of my favorite summer camp-style crafts. They’re all highly kid-approved, and you can very likely source all the necessary supplies from around your house, yard, or recycling bin.

DIY Cardboard Minecraft Head

20 DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes

Cardboard is one of my favorite crafting supplies because it’s so accessible and so versatile. It’s easy to cut with a craft knife or a sturdy pair of scissors, it holds great with hot glue or duct tape, it takes paint like a champ, and it’s got great structure to support all kinds of weird, costume-y elements and accessories.

fox mask

15 DIY Fox Masks For Cosplay And Dress-Up

If you, too, love foxes so much that one could eat somebody you love and you’d still forgive it, then I have your next Halloween project. Or convention cosplay. Or, you know, just dress-up outfit–I’m not here to judge you.

pink yarn heart

30 Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Patterns

Here are my favorite super soft, super bulky, super fun projects to make using baby blanket yarn. Some of these projects are even baby blankets!

16 Homemade Recipes for Fingerpainting

Fingerpainting is a wonderful activity for the little ones, and it’s even better when you realize that you don’t have to bother with store-bought fingerpaints for the kids to have a great time.

baby on quilt

24 Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts are a great intro to quilting, as their smaller size makes them a less time-consuming (and SUPER satisfying!) project to complete.

Cat Toy from Upcycled Materials

40 DIY Upcycled Cat And Dog Toys

Each project uses upcycled materials in its making, so that it’s eco-friendly (and cheap to make!) and has a full tutorial so that you can easily DIY your pet its newest, funnest plaything.

This cute little no-sew felt owl is a perfect way to take a break from the summer swelter.

Summer Craft for Kids: No-Sew Recycled Felt Owl

I love some outdoor summer fun, but sometimes you need a little indoor project to beat the heat. This cute little no-sew felt owl is a perfect way to take a break from the summer swelter.

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