Birthday Parties

Upcycled Greeting Cards

16 DIY Greeting Cards Made from Upcycled Materials

I love how depending on the technique and level of detail, a DIY greeting card can be quick and easy or methodical and precise, and look super awesome either way. I love how easy it is to incorporate upcycled or natural materials or found objects.

DIY Party Invitations

How to Make a Scroll Party Invitation

This year, my soon-to-be eleven-year-old is having a fairy tale-themed birthday party, so we made each invitee a party invitation in the shape of a royal scroll.

Fabric-Covered Frame

Handmade Review: Fabric-Covered Frames from Girls’ Night In

When I saw a tutorial for fabric-covered picture frames in the copy of Girls’ Night In that my tween was flipping through, I snatched it out of her hands (don’t worry–she’s used it it!) and took it as my immediate excuse to stop cleaning the house and refinish a picture frame right that second.

18 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Halloween is enough of a sugar rush as it is–no need to put even more candy, much less artificial food coloring, in your homemade treats and party food.

This research project began simply: I wanted to write about alternatives to balloon releases. What I found was a bunch of industry-fueled misinformation.

Balloon Releases are Bad, No Matter What Balloon Makers Say

I thought, “Hmm, is it possible that the negative effects of balloon releases are exaggerated? I took the two main claims from these seller and manufacturer sites–that latex balloons biodegrade, and that they do not harm wildlife–and I did my own research.

Fruit Pizza Recipe that Kids Can Totally Make

Fruit Pizza Recipe that Kids Can Totally Make

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly dessert or a birthday party treat that won’t knock the children over with sugar overload, then this fruit pizza recipe is what you want.

15 Birthday Gifts that Kids Can Make

15 Birthday Gifts that a Kid Can Make

Need a present for a kid’s birthday party?

Skip the mall, and let your kids make their own gifts to give to their friends. The hands-on problem-solving is good for them, and putting real time and effort into a gift (not just your money) is a good lesson on friendship.

23 Awesome Superhero Crafts

Ever since planning a joint superhero birthday party for my son and his almost-birthday-twin, I’ve had superhero crafts on the brain.

Printable Cupcake Toppers for your Superhero Party

I talked last week about the awesome superhero birthday party that we threw for my son and shared how to make cute superhero capes from recycled felt. Today I’m going to share another superhero birthday party craft: printable cupcake toppers!

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