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Sewn Fabric Basket

20 Fabric Bins, Baskets, and Other DIY Storage Solutions

You can DIY quite a lot of storage solutions using stash or scrap fabric as a base. You can make drawstring bags and floppy baskets, sure, but also boxes, bins, cubbies, and all sorts of other handy ways to organize and neatly store your stuff.

King-Sized Denim Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt from Upcycled Denim… And It’s King-Sized!

I roasted while I sewed all that denim and flannel in the smack middle of June, but I’ll be so comfy this winter!

I’ve had this log cabin quilt sewn from upcycled denim in my mind’s eye for a few years, but it’s the embarrassing state of my fabric stash that finally prodded me into action.

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax from a Jar Candle

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax out of a Jar Candle

My go-to process for cleaning wax out of jar candles used to be tedious and time-consuming. But now I’ve successfully used the Power of Science to come up with THE quickest and easiest go-to process.

The garden is a place for growing flowers, chasing butterflies...and preschooler math games. Start planning now for a spring and summer full of learning!

Two Dozen Homemade Outdoor and/or Active Games

We love outdoor games, and we also love indoor games that get us off our butts for a bit. Here’s my list of my favorite outdoor and active games to DIY. All use eco-friendly materials and methods, and all include free tutorials so you can have them in your backyard, too!

No Sew Mini Felt Heart Garland

No-Sew Mini Felt Heart Bunting

This mini heart bunting is a low-key gift, since it’s nice and small. Big hearts are corny, but small hearts are cute!

Cushion Cover

DIY Cushion Cover from a Blanket

No matter what cushion you’ve got that needs a washable, reusable cover, I’m not going to judge you. Instead, I’m going to show you how to make that cover from any handy blanket that you’ve got in your stash.

Bottle Brick via The Plastic Solution on Facebook

You Should Be Making Bottle Bricks

Bottle bricks are a way of both accepting the reality of plastic waste, and also using the physical fact of that waste for a specific purpose.

Glass Bottle Suncatcher

20 DIY Suncatchers from Upcycled Materials

So when these tutorials make you, too, obsessed with suncatchers, and you, too, have a handful of DIY suncatchers crowding every sunny window and sparkling in every corner of your back deck and garden, all I have to say is…

You’re welcome!

Homemade Candles

Homemade Candles are the Way To Go

Whether you’re rolling beeswax candles with kids or pouring a multi-color, multi-layer jarred candle, homemade candles give you the power to fill your home with exactly the sensory experiences you want, with no mysteries and nothing unexpected.

How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

The Upcycled Home: Eighteen Wicker Basket Makeovers

Don’t let a wicker basket’s unfortunate appearance blind you to how versatile it can be for containing and organizing your clutter in an attractive way. Read on for a selection of easy tutorials that remake, remodel, and otherwise transform any ugly wicker basket into the perfect home accessory.

How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

How to Transform Wicker Baskets with Paint

Painting a wicker basket is a super quick project that makes a big change in the overall look of your room. And when you get tired of your current color scheme, repainting that basket is just as quick and easy!

DIY Drapes from Bedsheets

15 DIY Curtains and Window Coverings for an Eco-Friendly Makeover

There are huge environmental and economic benefits to covering your windows with curtains. You conserve energy when you insulate even energy-efficient windows with another layer or two, and if your windows are older, the energy conservation is even more extreme. With that energy conservation comes concrete savings on your energy bills. It’s a win-win situation!

How to Clean and Refurbish Antique Door Hardware

I don’t have any kind of yearning to restore my wonky old house to its original condition, but it would be pretty cool to clean and refurbish just those antique door fixtures, just to see what they actually look like.

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