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  • Upcycled Tights Hair Ties

    DIY Dancer: Upcycled Hair Ties Made from Tights

    If you, too, are beholden to a continually evolving set of brand-new tights all year, every year, this little hack won’t cure your heartbreak, but it might make you feel maybe 3% better, at least if you or someone you love also has hair that occasionally needs to be tied back. More

  • add a zipper to a hoodie

    How to Add a Zipper to a Hoodie

    Fortunately, it’s really not hard to add a zipper to the front of a hoodie, and what you get in return is a comfy, zip-up hoodie that will leave your glasses, headphones, and sensory sensitivities intact. More

  • DIY Dress Form

    You Should Make Yourself a Dress Form

    If you can sew at all, then, I highly recommend that you spend a couple of afternoons DIYing yourself a dress form to your specific measurements. It’s a little weird to have an exact model of your torso just standing there, yes, but I have found the ability to custom fit patterns to be quite remarkable. More

  • DIY Cardboard Minecraft Head

    20 DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes

    Cardboard is one of my favorite crafting supplies because it’s so accessible and so versatile. It’s easy to cut with a craft knife or a sturdy pair of scissors, it holds great with hot glue or duct tape, it takes paint like a champ, and it’s got great structure to support all kinds of weird, costume-y elements and accessories. More

  • Vat Dye Silk

    14 Techniques to Paint and Dye Silk Fabric

    It can be tricky to think of ways to paint or dye silk fabric, if you’ve mostly worked with cotton, linen, or other plant-fiber fabrics before. You probably already know that silk takes dye differently, but how differently? Can you paint it? Transfer images to it? Dye it multiple colors?  More

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