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How to Display Vintage Photographs

One Dozen Ways to Upcycle Photographs

. I love turning these old photos that I never look at into all-new decorations and utilitarian items, giving them new lives and incorporating those happy memories into even more parts of my home.

Nesting Fabric Baskets

Sew Nesting Fabric Baskets from Stash Fabrics

hese nesting fabric baskets give you a lot of storage options. Sew a set in the same colorway from the same fabrics, and they’ll all match each other and your decor. Since they nest, they don’t take up a lot of storage space, but when you need them, you’ve got four whole baskets’ worth of storage!

King-Sized Denim Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt from Upcycled Denim… And It’s King-Sized!

I roasted while I sewed all that denim and flannel in the smack middle of June, but I’ll be so comfy this winter!

I’ve had this log cabin quilt sewn from upcycled denim in my mind’s eye for a few years, but it’s the embarrassing state of my fabric stash that finally prodded me into action.

Corrugated Cardboard Box Cat Scratcher

20 Cat Toys and Enrichment Items from Eco-Friendly Materials

Cat enrichment is so important to the physical and emotional well-being of your cats. Don’t let your tiny hunters suffer from boredom; instead, check out this list of my favorite cat enrichment items below, and make your best friend their new favorite toy!

Memory Game

20 Homemade Indoor Games

Homemade games add an extra-fun element to any indoor play. You can customize your homemade games to perfectly suit the interests and current abilities of your kids, and older kids can even help with their creation.

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax from a Jar Candle

The Easiest Way to Clean Wax out of a Jar Candle

My go-to process for cleaning wax out of jar candles used to be tedious and time-consuming. But now I’ve successfully used the Power of Science to come up with THE quickest and easiest go-to process.

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebooks

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebook with Upcycled Papers

This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving my teenagers each this little gift created with their two favorite things in mind: sugar cereal and tiny notebooks!

Here’s how to make your own tiny heart-shaped notebooks with cereal box covers and upcycled papers!

Best Eco-Friendly Craft Books of 2022

My Five Favorite Eco-Friendly Craft Books of 2022

I’m always on the lookout and reserve a special place in my heart for those craft books that truly do use eco-friendly methods and/or materials.

Here, then, are my favorite eco-friendly craft books published in 2022!

Mary Blair blocks

Three Dozen DIY Building Block Crafts

There are so many ways to create your own building block sets, so many ways to embellish old or thrifted block sets to make them playable in an all-new way, and so many ways to upcycle blocks so that you can enjoy them in brand-new ways.

18 Ideas for Making Altered Book Art

You’ve picked out an old book and prepped its pages–what’s the next step in creating an altered book that you’ll love?

Let your imagination be your guide!

DIY Handwashing Station

18 Projects to Upcycle Tights

Fortunately, those stained, snagged, or simply outgrown tights don’t have to go into the wastestream! Here’s how to upcycle your old tights in a myriad of ways.

Cushion Cover

DIY Cushion Cover from a Blanket

No matter what cushion you’ve got that needs a washable, reusable cover, I’m not going to judge you. Instead, I’m going to show you how to make that cover from any handy blanket that you’ve got in your stash.

Handmade Stationery

Is Your DIY Envelope Mailable? Here are the USPS Guidelines for Handmade Envelopes

My personal rule of thumb these days is that the more I love my letter and want it to reach its destination, the more standard I make the envelope. If you’re just playing around with some fun, low-stakes pieces, feel free to experiment with your most creative choices. If you really want your piece to arrive safely and on time, however, make you DIY envelopes just a *little* bit creative.

Upcycled Tights Hair Ties

DIY Dancer: Upcycled Hair Ties Made from Tights

If you, too, are beholden to a continually evolving set of brand-new tights all year, every year, this little hack won’t cure your heartbreak, but it might make you feel maybe 3% better, at least if you or someone you love also has hair that occasionally needs to be tied back.

20 Summer Camp Crafts for a Kid-Friendly Summer

Take a few pages out of the camp counselor handbook and check out my list of my favorite summer camp-style crafts. They’re all highly kid-approved, and you can very likely source all the necessary supplies from around your house, yard, or recycling bin.

Glass Bottle Suncatcher

20 DIY Suncatchers from Upcycled Materials

So when these tutorials make you, too, obsessed with suncatchers, and you, too, have a handful of DIY suncatchers crowding every sunny window and sparkling in every corner of your back deck and garden, all I have to say is…

You’re welcome!

How to Drill through Glass

How to Drill through Glass

Drilling through glass isn’t as hard as it looks, and it’s a specific skill that is honestly pretty amazing to have.

Bath Bombs

25 Homemade Bath and Body Recipes

Below are some of my favorite homemade bath and body recipes. They’re all made from natural ingredients (of course!), and my favorite part is subbing in my favorite essential oils and dried herbs.

Glass Bottle Bottom Ring Holder

Zero Waste Upcycling: One Dozen Glass Bottle Bottom Crafts

Sure, you can toss that boring bottle bottom into the recycling bin… except there are SO MANY awesome ways to upcycle even glass bottle bottoms! Check out my list of my favorite projects that just happen to do really cool things with the least likely parts of glass bottles.

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