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  • Bath Bombs

    25 Homemade Bath and Body Recipes

    Below are some of my favorite homemade bath and body recipes. They’re all made from natural ingredients (of course!), and my favorite part is subbing in my favorite essential oils and dried herbs. More

  • DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

    Two Dozen Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

    Think outside the (brand-new, laminated cardboard, single-use) gift box when it comes to ideas for eco-friendly gift packaging. Upcycled papers, stash supplies, and cardboard from the recycling bin can all be of service to create gift packaging that’s unique and fits your personality way better than anything you can buy new. More

  • Homemade Candles

    Homemade Candles are the Way To Go

    Whether you’re rolling beeswax candles with kids or pouring a multi-color, multi-layer jarred candle, homemade candles give you the power to fill your home with exactly the sensory experiences you want, with no mysteries and nothing unexpected. More

  • You can make some really great things out of old playing cards.

    20 Altered Playing Card Crafts

    Whether you’ve got a deck of playing cards that are past their prime or just a partial deck of survivors, I’ve got plenty of ideas for upcycling them! Playing cards are one of my favorite craft supplies to alter, and once you find your perfect project among the tutorials below, I think you’re going to like altered playing card crafts just as much as I do! More

  • How to Repaint Wicker Baskets

    The Upcycled Home: Eighteen Wicker Basket Makeovers

    Don’t let a wicker basket’s unfortunate appearance blind you to how versatile it can be for containing and organizing your clutter in an attractive way. Read on for a selection of easy tutorials that remake, remodel, and otherwise transform any ugly wicker basket into the perfect home accessory. More

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