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button on pants

How to Sew a Button Back on Your Pants

Fortunately, sewing a button back on your pants is a super easy and low-fuss skill that requires only a basic amount of hand-eye coordination. Anyone can do it!

How To Make A DIY Weighted Blanket

It takes some fiddly work and some sewing prowess, but it’s completely possible to DIY your own weighted blanket, and to do so using natural and/or sustainably-sourced materials.

How To Sew a Patch

Go get all those band patches back on your denim jacket where they belong!

Turn An Old Blender Into A Planter

I did what I do with every single even vaguely container-shaped piece of junk that needs a second life around here–I turned it into a planter!

how to make string art

How To Do String Art

I’m going to show you how to make string art the completely DIY way–from scratch, by hand. It’s going to be awesome.

How to Make a Bean Bag Chicken

These cute chickens make great little gifts, and since you can sew them up quickly completely from scraps, no two are alike!

how to make a fairy garden

How to Make a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is easy to make, and nope, it actually doesn’t require any of those porcelain or plastic store-bought fairy garden accessories.

sleep mask

How to Sew a Sleep Mask

A soft and comfy sleep mask will block any ambient light that comes your way, letting you drowse in complete darkness.

How to Sew a Pompadour

Madame de Pompadour lent her name not just to the bouffant hairstyle, but also to the practical yet lovely little drawstring wrist bags that allowed one to both wear a fancy ballgown (with no room for pockets!) and carry a lipstick and some cash for gambling with.

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