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Karen lives a simple, frugal, green life and shares her eco tips and news on ecokaren and is a co-founder of Green Sisterhood, a network of community of green women bloggers, making change. When she's not managing Green Sisterhood or blogging on ecokaren, she is a chauffeur to two greenagers, wife to an accidental recycler, master chef to hungry locavores, seamstress, knitter, and dumpster diver, not necessarily in that order.

DIY: Upcycled Wine Bottle Ideas

Here are five crafty ways to upcycle wine glass bottles. Start collecting wine bottles so you can make a few of these crafts for the holidays and as gifts.

DIY Halloween Decorations: Light-Up Ghost

Halloween Craft Roundup

Halloween doesn’t have to be wasteful. With a little bit of imagination and planning, you can have an eco-friendly Halloween. Let’s explore what Halloween decor and costumes we can make to make Halloween greener.

How-to: Make a Witch’s Hat

A witch is one of the simplest and the easiest characters to be on Halloween. Put on a black outfit and a pointy hat, and you are reading to party. But buying one of those cheap plastic or polyester ones that last a short time is very wasteful. Here is how to make a witch’s hat that will last year after year.

Halloween Craft from Recycled Materials: 30 Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Craft: Mummified Glass Jar Candle Holder

Make these upcycled glass jar mummy candle holders (lanterns) for Halloween. Group them as a family or put individual pieces on front steps or line them up on the walkway. No matter how you choose to use them, they’ll be sure to bring smiles to your trick or treaters.

How-to: Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Tote

A pillowcase tote for Trick-or-Treating is easy to make and it’s a no waste way to upcycle a pillowcase. Here’s how to make this easy peasy Trick-or-Treat tote.

How To: Solar Jack-O-Lantern

You can make this eco-friendly solar Jack-O-Lantern for less than the price of a real pumpkin. And it’s reusable! Here is how.

Halloween Costume Swap on thredUP

Swap your kids costume for a greener Halloween. thredUP has an awesome program where you can swap outgrown Halloween costumes. Here is how it works.

Green Tips for a Recycled Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be a stressful and wasteful holiday if you put your green crafting skills to work. Here are some ideas on how to make green Halloween less stressful.

Green Crafting: A Justifiable Means to an End?

Although upcycling and using eco-friendly materials is still preferred but is green crafting a justifiable means to an end when using ‘evil’ materials in the name of upcycling and reusing? What do you think?

4 Clever Bottle Cap Crafts for Non-Recyclable Plastic Caps

We shouldn’t use plastic bottles but plastic bottle caps are on milk cartons, orange cartons, and even yogurt drinks. We can’t escape them, even if we don’t drink bottled water. So what do we do with all those non-recyclable plastic bottle caps? Collect them and make these cool functional crafts!

Scrap Lab Design Contest

Do you have a great crafty idea using scraps? You should enter the Scrap Lab Design Contest going on right now. The prize for the winner is…

Five Eco-Friendly Hoop Art Ideas

Hoop wall art is very easy to curate even without knowing how to embroider or sew. Here are five ways you can adorn your wall with vintage hoops.

How To: Make Stamps Using Denim Scraps

Denim scraps are easy to use up but how about those hard hems and edges? Here is one easy peasy way to use them up to make beautiful handstamped wrapping paper.

5 Awesome T-Shirt Sleeve Crafts

You’ve used up old t-shirts to make various projects. Now you have a pile of cut up sleeves. What do you do with them all? Find out how you can…

Green Crafter: First World Trash

First World Trash makes functional accessories by recycling billboards and seat belts. The eco-chic items are carried in stores around the world and the owner’s goal is to do what’s good for the people of her hometown than just make accessories. Read more to find out where her ultimate vision lies.

How-to: Quilt with the Applique Method

The applique quilting method is easy and eco-friendly as it uses t-shirts and other various knick knack clothes for a memory quilt. If you have more than just t-shirts, using the applique method is the way to go if you want to make a memory quilt.

Green Crafter: Rustic Carvings

Working with salvage wood is a sure way to green your crafting, if you can navigate those heavy tools. One savvy crafter knows her miter saws from table saw.

How-to: Make a Dress From Two Shirts

Convert two tired old shirts into a brand new/old dress. This easy tutorial takes only 30 minutes and it will give old shirts a second chance at life, as a dress!

How To: Make a T-Shirt Skirt

Upcycling a t-shirt into an adult skirt is easy and very eco-friendly. Here is how to make a skirt with a large men’s t-shirt.

Green Crafter: Alex Keller

Alex Keller is a jewelry redesigner who converts vintage jewelry and upcycles them into more modern vintage chic jewelry. Her love of vintage carries into her vintage shop where she sells vintage housewares. Let’s see if she has any tips on vintage shopping.

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Fabric Box

Coffee sack burlap is a great sustainable material. It’s natural, biodegradable, and strong. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a great shabby chic fabric box from an upcycled coffee sack.

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