DIY: Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

holiday wreath
How many wreaths do you have in storage? Four? Five? While they are great for decorating your front door for every season and holiday, they can take up room in your storage closet. Here's a tutorial on how to make ONE wreath for all seasons and holidays that allows you to change the decorations out for different looks.

For this project, I am using Halloween decorations for the wreath so I collected orange, black, and some leftover Halloween fabric scraps.

I apologize in advance for the wonky picture quality as black and orange do not photograph well.

wreath materials

You’ll need:

  • Wreath frame of any kind.
  • One long piece of fabric that you’ll wrap the wreath with. Measure the circumference of the wreath and the thickness of the wreath for the fabric’s dimension. You’ll see how to measure these dimensions on the next page.
  • Fabric scraps for the holiday you are decorating for.
  • Safety pins – as many as the decorations you want to add to the wreath plus ten more
  • Ribbons (optional)
  • Thread and Needle (optional)

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