DIY: Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

safety pin wreath

1) Safety Pinning

Wrap the fabric around the thickness of the wreath, using the length of the fabric and pin the seams together on the back.

wreath ribbons

2) Ribbons

Cut a few coordinating color ribbons and tie them in the back of the wreath. I would use about eight ribbons, depending on the size or your wreath. Tie them as if the wreath is a clock, at 3,6,9, and 12 O’Clock and one more in between each of those hours.

wreath hand stitched

3) Hand Stitch

Gather the seams on the back of the wreath and whip stitch them in wide stitches. You can also use velcro to close the back.

The idea is to use fabric to cover the wreath and then change it to the next set of decorations. You can either add the decorations before wrapping the fabric to the wreath or you can attach the decorations after you’ve wrapped the wreath.

Now. let’s add some Halloween decorations.

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