How to Make an Eco-Friendly Ghost

Who doesn’t love Casper, the Friendly Ghost? And Halloween isn’t Halloween without Casper.

You can make this eco-friendly ghost instead of buying some cheap “Made in (insert country here)” plastic ghosts, shipped from thousands miles away, to adorn tabletops, stairs, or hallways. It’s made with everyday item you’d find in your kitchen and totally non-toxic. You can even hang them on your porch or out the window. These little guys are light and yet sturdy enough to stand on their own. Make one or a dozen. Scatter them everywhere. They’ll be the life of the party. halloween ghost materials

You’ll need:

  • Cheese Cloth – about 1 1/2 Yrds.
  • Starch: 3 C Cold water and 3 Tbsp of corn starch boiled and cooled. The consistency should be like gravy.
  • Balloon
  • Coated Wire Hanger – if wire is exposed, it will rust and stain the ghost.
  • Tall bottle of any kind.
  • 4-5 River Rocks
  • Two circle cut outs for the eyes.
  • Bowl (Not pictured)
  • Towel

halloween ghostShape the hanger to form two ghost arms and the bottom part to go inside the bottle.

halooween ghostAdd the the rocks inside the bottle to make it stable. Insert the wire hanger in the bottle, and tape the balloon on top of the bottle, over the wire hanger. You can secure the wire hanger with tape, if you need to. Place it on the towel because it will get messy.

Coat the cheesecloth with starch thoroughly in a bowl and squeeze out excess starch. Then, drape it over the balloon, leaving enough cheesecloth on the floor, front and back. This extra will help your ghost stand.


Let it dry completely then glue on the eyes.

And now you have a roaming ghost to scare your trick or treater…”BOOoooOoo….”


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