Crafting with PET Plastic Bottles

hummingbird feeder by timeflies

5. Hummingbird Feeder

You can make this hummingbird feeder by assembling a plastic bottle, a bowl, plastic flowers, one coat hanger, and two zip ties. I’m thinking you can fill the bottle with bird food and make it a regular bird feeder too.

What have you made with recyclable plastic bottles lately?

[Image by timeflies, used with Creative Commons lisence ]

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5 thoughts on “Crafting with PET Plastic Bottles”

  1. GΓΌlnur Γ–zdağlar’s clear, upcycled bowls are beautiful. I’m thinking of making a version the vertical garden on my terrace, using her bowls. My friend Reggie Solomon, author of I Garden- Urban Style, shows a hanging vertical garden using recycled pop bottles. Γ–zdağlar’s pretty bowls make the idea even more palatable for me.

    Next year!

  2. I made a yarn bottle with a 2 liter bottle ,cut apart about a 1/3 from bottom , add a sand filledbag, put yarn into the top and fit over bottom. making sure you have feed the yarn through thr opening at top.

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