Crafty Uses for Old Nail Polish

I don’t normally wear nail polish because most of them are toxic and the non-toxic ones are a little too steep in price so I don’t buy them.

But recently, my daughter received a box of nail polish as a gift. Supposedly, they are free of the four notorious toxins: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Pthalate, and Camphor. But they smelled nasty. So I read the label and guess what? They still contained a ton of other nasty chemicals. But I felt bad throwing them out so I kept them, hoping I could use them for something.

Here are a couple of ways I decided to use them for crafting…and more.

Practical Uses

  1. Stop the run on stockings
  2. Stop fraying ends on fabric.
  3. Dab it on car dings to prevent rusting.
  4. Put a drop on small cracks on car windshields until you can get it replaced. It’ll stop the crack from spreading.
  5. Label your keys.
  6. Label ice cream sticks as plant markers.
  7. Waterproof shipping addresses on packages.
  8. Mark knitting needle sizes.
  9. Emergency glue
  10. Put a huge “X” in red on anything toxic in your house…if you have still have any left.
  11. And now on to the crafty uses!
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Written by Karen Lee

Karen lives a simple, frugal, green life and shares her eco tips and news on ecokaren and is a co-founder of Green Sisterhood, a network of community of green women bloggers, making change. When she's not managing Green Sisterhood or blogging on ecokaren, she is a chauffeur to two greenagers, wife to an accidental recycler, master chef to hungry locavores, seamstress, knitter, and dumpster diver, not necessarily in that order.


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