Five Eco-Friendly Hoop Art Ideas

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You might think embroidery hoops are just one of the tools your grandmother used for her embroidery work. But hoops are an eco-friendly way to show off various types of crafts, art, and even vintage scarves.

You can easily find vintage hoops from eBay or on Etsy. You don’t even need to know how to sew or embroider. All you need is some imagination and you can have stylish hoop art to decorate your walls or to give as gifts. But if you really  wanted to learn how to embroider, Martha Stewart has a nice crash course, “How To: Embroidery.

Here are five ways you can use hoops to display your art, crafts and vintage fabrics.

1. Eco-Felt

Use recycled felt to make simple and colorful gifts. You can use buttons to embellish them or express certain sentiments with minimal stitching. You can even glue the buttons on if you don’t want to sew.

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Written by Karen Lee

Karen lives a simple, frugal, green life and shares her eco tips and news on ecokaren and is a co-founder of Green Sisterhood, a network of community of green women bloggers, making change. When she's not managing Green Sisterhood or blogging on ecokaren, she is a chauffeur to two greenagers, wife to an accidental recycler, master chef to hungry locavores, seamstress, knitter, and dumpster diver, not necessarily in that order.


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