DIY: Upcycled Wine Bottle Ideas

winebottlelightMy husband and I are light drinkers and we like a glass of wine now and then at the end of the day. While we don’t have cases of expensive vintage wine, we do have a few bottles I can upcycle.

But I wondered how do you cut these thick beautiful wine bottles? I researched and found these nifty ways to cut wine bottles and make beautiful home decorations out of them. There are as many ways to cut glass as there are home decor ideas.

Hope you’ll try at least one of these methods. But please read the following caution warning before you begin.

CAUTION – with any of the techniques mentioned here, you MUST wear safety goggles and gloves. Some require fire so make sure you are away from any flammable materials. You will undoubtedly break a few bottles before you get the result you want. So make sure to have extra bottles, just in case. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

wine bottle drinking glasses

Drinking Glasses – Watch this video, and see how easy it is to cut wine bottles. You don’t have to buy the $45 gadget the video suggests – Home Depot sells a glass cutting kit for $13. Making these drinking glasses are the easiest ways to upcycle wine bottles. I’ve seen drinking glasses made from beer bottles and soda bottles too. Now that I know how to cut bottles, I’ll be sure to try these.

[Creative Commons Images from zieak via Flickr]

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  2. If you want a way more exciting way of cutting the glass use nail polish remover, thin cotton string, a lighter and a cold bowl of water >D

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