Crafting with PET Plastic Bottles

plastic bottle art
We’ve featured upcycled plastic bottle projects in the past, and while I don’t buy soda or disposable water bottles, I know some of you still might come across a few in your recycling bin. So I thought it’d be fun to check out the latest crafting ideas for upcycling PET plastic bottles. And while it’s always best not to buy them, if you have some around, these craft ideas should give you an idea what to do with them.

1. Bowls

This bowl is made by Gülnur Özdağlar, an architect and Etsy seller. She has been producing jewelery and home decor accessories by recycling PET bottles since 2008. She collects, heats, cuts, drills and shapes recyclable plastic bottles to make her art and accessories.

Her aim is to “obtain objects from things that have been discarded that are so beautiful, that we would want to wear or exhibit them, thus underlining the importance of “recycling” and encouraging it. In this way she provides her own personal answer to the problem of recycling. She believes that in the future there will be a plastic material that will not proceed from the cradle to the grave, but that will return to the cradle with no loss…”

I think she is spot on with her philosophy regarding plastic.

See her instructions on how to make one yourself on Instructables.

[Image by gulguvenc, used with permission]

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5 thoughts on “Crafting with PET Plastic Bottles”

  1. Gülnur Özdağlar’s clear, upcycled bowls are beautiful. I’m thinking of making a version the vertical garden on my terrace, using her bowls. My friend Reggie Solomon, author of I Garden- Urban Style, shows a hanging vertical garden using recycled pop bottles. Özdağlar’s pretty bowls make the idea even more palatable for me.

    Next year!

  2. I made a yarn bottle with a 2 liter bottle ,cut apart about a 1/3 from bottom , add a sand filledbag, put yarn into the top and fit over bottom. making sure you have feed the yarn through thr opening at top.

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