How To: Make Stamps Using Denim Scraps

denim scraps
We’ve crafted many projects using denim as fabric. We’ve made a personalized denim banner, a market tote and my recent quilt included a whole pair of jeans. But since I had the whole back of the jeans left, I wanted to use up the scraps. I saved the denim fabric for another project but there were a bunch of un-usable thick seams left over. Then, I came up with an idea of using them up as stamps!

Here is how to make easy peasy stamps using edges and seams from denim scraps from jeans.

denim scrapsroll the denim scraps
First, you want to find a bit of scrap with a seamed edge. Then begin to roll your scrap up along the edges very tightly.

flatten out the bottom
Tap the bottom to flatten it out.

pin your stamp
Use a pin to secure your stamp and prevent it from unrolling.

shape the stamp

Play with the shape of the stamp. You can shape it in any way you want.

denim stamps

Now, stamp away using any type of ink or any type of paint you like on any paper you like. I re-used white tissue paper that came with my daughter’s birthday gift to illustrate this but you can re-use newspaper or brown craft paper to create fun wrapping paper.
wrapping paper

Wrap your gift, put a bow on it and voila! Your wrapping paper is just as pretty as the gift inside.

9 thoughts on “How To: Make Stamps Using Denim Scraps”

  1. What a great idea!Β  I cut up some jeans for a tote bag, but was stuck w/ what to do w/the hemmed bottoms of the legs!Β  Thank you!

    1. You are welcome! I’m sure you can come up with some fancy schamancy designs with all those leg hems. Have fun!

    1. Thanks!
      What I love about using these hems is that they are pliable so you can shape them in any shape you want. You can sew them up to make them more permanent or you can use the pins to secure them and change them up later if you want. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Unni. The picture doesn’t do justice. I would have rather used craft paper with more colorful paints and inks….and a prettier bow. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yet another craft with old jeans! great idea! My family ( kids, sisters, in-laws) know not to throw out jeans, but to give them to me! even if they are beyond wearing… they are priceless to me… thank you for a great idea…

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