DIY: Paper Luminary Covers for Halloween

What’s Halloween without flickering lights? The mummified glass jar candle holders were fun to make but these paper luminary covers are an easy and quick to way to dress up any candle holders you already own. All you need are some orange and black construction paper or card stock and you are ready to go.

Start by printing a template from the computer or if you are artistic, you can draw any Halloween related image yourself. Take your image and center it on your construction paper.

Glue the template down with a little dab of glue so it will stay in place.
Next, Use a thick sewing needle or an embroidery needle, trace along the template and poke the needle along the line. Make sure the holes are clearly poked and not too close together. Try to even out the spacing between the holes as much as possible.
You can also use your sewing machine to sew the outline for the same effect. Set your stitch width to the widest setting.
Sew along the outline without threading the machine. Make sure to lift the foot and turn the paper at corners.

And ta dah! You are done! Fold the side edges and stand them in front of the candles. Make sure the candle holders are tall enough, like hurricane lamps, so that the flame doesn’t touch the paper. Or to be even safer, you can use the flickering battery operated candles.

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