5 Awesome T-Shirt Sleeve Crafts

T-shirt crafts often leave the sleeves behind. Save those sleeves for one of these awesome t-shirt sleeve crafts!

t-shirt sleeve napkinsAfter making quilts, skirts, tank tops, and re-usable grocery bags, you have a pile of t-shirt sleeves. What do you do with them all? Here are five ways you can use them up.

1. Cloth Napkins

These are sleeves you actually want your kiddos to wipe their noses and mouths with. Put out a basket of new ones and a basket for dirty ones on the kitchen table. Or you can use them as a hankie too and carry one in your purse instead of tissues.

t-shirt sleeve pouches

2. Pouches

These are perfect for marbles, dinosaurs, Legos, or any little “do-dads” that kids carry nowadays. Put a slit in the finished hem for a string, sew the other side closed and you are done!

Dryer Sachets

3. Dryer Sachets

Make two sachets out of one sleeve. Fill them with lavender and flax seed (1:1 ratio), sew them up and toss them in the dryer instead of dryer sheets. Or you can put one in a drawer to make your clothes smell pretty.

t-shirt shoe tree

4. Shoe Trees

Just like the dryer sachets, you can make two pouches out of one sleeve to make shoe trees. Fill them with lavender and flax seeds and put them in your shoes to keep them in shape and to help deodorize them. You’ll have the best smelling feet on the block!

Golf club covers

5. Golf Club Covers

To make these, sew the longer side of your t-shirt sleeve diagonally and voila, you can fit them over golf clubs. Stencil the club size number on the outside or use a specific color for a specific size.

What are your favorite t-shirt sleeve crafts?

13 thoughts on “5 Awesome T-Shirt Sleeve Crafts”

  1. Heather Palatucci

    i think i’m kind of becoming obsessed with having little pouches for things… i’m almost giddy over this idea!!!!

    1. Cool! pouches are so practical. I love ’em too!  And you can make drawstring out of t-shirt yarns – made from t-shirt scraps. No waste crafting is where is at!!

      1. Heather Palatucci

        i’ve also seen the use of t-shirt sleeves to make infant hats… i’ve used the bottoms of t-shirts for this before once my little guy was older, but i never made them when his noggin’ was small enough to use the sleeves.  great idea, though!

  2. I think the sleeves make great headbands!  You can leave the sleeves open wide to make a wide headband, or allow it to roll up to make a skinny headband.   I use 3/4 length headbands to wear like a bandana to protect my crazy fair skin and scalp from the sun when I am in the garden or at the water park.

    1. Hi Tiffany, You mean leave the sleeves intact and you can squeeze your head into the hole as a headband? I never tried that thinking my big fat head wouldn’t fit! Gotta try that now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I have used the whole short sleeve for a cover for my head when I went fishing. It kept my head from getting cold. My husband did alot of laughing that day! Haha

  4. Pockets, strips for bracelets, I also often use the hem edges as giant rubber bands if they’ve still got some stretch, or plant ties

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  6. the end of the sleeve can make a cute and easy skirt for a doll. so many cuff sizes for every doll size. cut the raw edge with pinking shears, or cut in scallops. if necessary can cut a small slit in the cuff end for a string.

    also make tiny puppy sweaters. use cuff for neck end and cut little holes for the legs.

    also make bandages for pups. have fun. pauline

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