Scrap Lab Design Contest


The Scrap Lab Design Contest is looking to find innovative and sustainable designs made of scrap that shows how to recycle waste materials in the form of new products like furniture, accessories, or artwork.

Professional designers, design students and amateur designers or anyone from all around the world who is interested in recycling waste materials is encouraged to enter. And the best part is, participants can actively take part by voting for the best designs of other members or commenting on submissions and leaving messages. So you can be judges!

The contest is going on right now and will end on September 18, 2011. The first prize for the best design is 1,000€, second is 600€ and third is 400€!

This is a non-profit project that aims at “using the principles of crowdsourcing and co-creation in order to promote social innovation for a better world and the protection of the environment,” according to the organizers of the contest.

Design Criteria:

The evaluation of designs by the jury is based on the following criteria:

  • Overall impression
  • Creativity
  • Elaboration of design
  • Feasibility
  • Sustainability

TO enter, review the submission guideline available on theScrap Lab Design Contest website.

Good Luck!

Written by Karen Lee

Karen lives a simple, frugal, green life and shares her eco tips and news on ecokaren and is a co-founder of Green Sisterhood, a network of community of green women bloggers, making change. When she's not managing Green Sisterhood or blogging on ecokaren, she is a chauffeur to two greenagers, wife to an accidental recycler, master chef to hungry locavores, seamstress, knitter, and dumpster diver, not necessarily in that order.

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