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Published on July 2nd, 2018 | by Julie Finn


50 Construction Paper Crafts for Crafters of All Ages

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Construction paper is not archivally safe, and nor is it meant to be. Construction paper is the perfect ephemeral crafting supply; use it with abandon, and when you’re done, recycle or compost it!

Construction paper is normally associated with preschoolers, and there are a ton of preschool-friendly projects below. But I’ve also found some projects that adults and older kids are going to love; check out the list of awesome construction paper crafts below, and find YOUR next project!

1. Caterpillar. This is a great project for kids to practice patterning.

2. SnakeKids who aren’t excited by paper chain caterpillars will be excited by paper chain snakes!

3. D is for DragonCan you figure out how to make an animal for every letter of the alphabet?

4. Bubble wrap dragonKids who love dragons will also want to make this one printed with bubble wrap.

5. DIY paper dinosaur hatThis hat is awesome enough to be a component of a Halloween costume.

6. Indoor bean bag tossConstruction paper can make the targets for all kinds of fun, indoor games.

7. Medieval crown. Your kid is never too young to read about King Arthur.

8. Stamped sheepKids can use their fine-motor skills with homemade stamps on these construction paper sheep.

construction paper crafts

9. Paper chainDecorate for any holiday!

10. Ice cream coneKids will LOVE decorating these.

11. LadybugThere are so many cute ways to use a kid’s handprints in art–and here’s another one!

12. Bigger and better ladybugThis ladybug is for more advanced kiddos.

13. Ladybug on a leafOkay, here’s just one more ladybug craft! This one’s on a leaf!

14. Paper pizzaHere’s a fun introduction to fractions.

15. PenguinHow cute is this construction paper penguin with a heart for a face?

16. Rainbow flowersYou won’t believe how easy these are to make.

17. Layered pendantsOkay, this project is AMAZING. I can’t wait to make these with my kids.

18. Giant beanstalk. And when I say giant, I mean floor to ceiling giant!

19. BatUse black construction paper and a cardboard toilet paper tube to make a cute bat for Halloween.

20. Ice cream cone balloonsAll you need to turn a helium balloon into an ice cream cone is brown construction paper and tape.

21. MosaicsUse scraps of construction paper to create a real mosaic.

22. Mosaic namesFor a bigger challenge, kids can mosaic their names onto black construction paper.

23. Mosaic owlHere’s a smaller mosaic project for kids who might get overwhelmed by a giant piece of paper to cover.

24. Mosaic Easter eggAnd here’s an Easter version!

25. Paper rainbowSpend a rainy day making rainbows!

26. Construction paper and glue chalkboardYou don’t need chalkboard paint to make a working chalkboard!

27. Alphabet spaceshipKids will love adding their names to this construction paper rocket.

28. Garland. You can get the ombre effect even with construction paper.

29. Lion headsTeach kids how to curl construction paper, and they’ll make a beautiful lion’s head and mane.

30. Paper flowersDecorate for every season with these paper flowers.

31. Ripped construction paper landscapeThis is no preschool craft! Layer ripped construction paper to make an interesting landscape background for your art project.

32. Star personHere’s a great way to teach kids how to do an accordion fold.

33. Torn paper pandaKids will be intrigued by this project that doesn’t require scissors.

34. Origami cubesThe color combinations are endless for these clever little origami cubes.

35. Chalk pastel artBlack construction paper is just meant for chalk pastels.

36. Construction paper shipCombine art AND history with this ship from the Age of Explorers.

37. Flower crownsThese are so colorful and elaborate that you won’t believe they’re made from construction paper.

38. Popsicle stick superheroesPopsicle sticks and construction paper make excellent superheroes!

39. SnailHere’s a cute craft for kids who love creepy-crawlies.

40. WatermelonThis pink and green construction paper watermelon is a great craft for kids who can already cut well.

41. Woven basketYou can never have too many baskets.

42. Paper lanternsThese make any space look festive.

43. ChickLook at what a cute little chick you can make from yellow construction paper!

44. Another chickHere’s a different way to make a chick, and you can use the same method to make a rabbit.

45. Easter chick cardAnd here’s yet another chick, this time as part of an Easter card!

46. 3D paper rainbowAdd a whole new dimension to the regular old paper rainbow project.

47. Heart animalsThese make GREAT valentines.

48. Construction paper and toilet paper tube Christmas villageStart saving toilet paper tubes now, and in December, you’ll be ready to make this whole village!

49. Paper roller coaster sculptureWhile younger kids are making heart animals, let older kids make these surprisingly sophisticated–and adorable!–paper roller coaster sculptures.

50. Shape trainWhat other fun things can kids make while practicing their basic shapes?

Have anymore great construction paper crafts to add to my list? Tell me about them in the Comments below!

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