30 Cool Things to Make for Spring

Recycled Crafts for Spring

From button signs to bird nests, there are tons of eco-friendly projects to make to help you celebrate Spring!

1. Spring-themed typographic art from buttonsThis project is super easy to make, using just buttons and glue, and it’s just as easy to trade it out for next season’s button art!

2. Botanical suncatcherUpcycle cardboard food packaging or pizza boxes for the frame of this suncatcher, then take a nature walk with the kids to embellish it.

3. Mason jar bird feederI LOVE upcycled bird feeders. I especially love this Mason jar bird feeder because the Mason jar base looks super easy to sanitize.


4. Paper hyacinthsIn case spring hasn’t quite sprung where you are, it’s okay–you can make spring out of paper!

5. Bottle cap hyacinthsDon’t have the patience for paper curling? These bottle cap hyacinths are easier.

6. Rain boot planterYou’ve probably lost a rain boot by now. Might as well make a planter out of the other one!


7. Robin’s eggs from plastic Easter eggsDon’t buy new plastic Easter eggs for this project–ask around, and I’m sure someone has some they’re willing to get rid of.

8. Split pea wreathHere’s how you get that vibrant green without having to use fake flowers.

9. Spring burlap and button bannerThis is an easy, if time-consuming project: Cut out the burlap, stencil or paint the letters, glue or sew the burlap to stiffened cotton or felt, and then embellish. Glue or sew ribbons to the back of each pennant to hang the completed banner from twine.

10. Sunflower house/bean teepeeWhether you have a little yard or a lot of yard, there’s a choice for you.

11. Decorative bird’s nestGo grab some of those fallen twigs, and make a faux bird’s nest to decorate your table.

egg in bird nest

12. Birdseed ornamentsGive the migrating birds a special treat for Earth Day!

13. Candlestick bird housesThese are super cute, and a fun way to make over unfinished wood.

14. Crown of grassGather some preschoolers together for a Welcome Spring party, and let them all wear crowns of (paper) grass!

15. Mason jar succulent planterSucculents make excellent gifts, and a succulent in this painted Mason jar is even more special.

16. Miniature frames bannerI get every single one of my picture frames from the thrift store, and there is always a bounty to choose from. You should have no problem thrifting the adorable frames for this adorable banner.

17. Mud bricksApril showers are a great time to whip out an old ice cube tray and let your kids make themselves an ages-old house project.

18. Painted wooden spring signInstead of new wood, upcycle a wood pallet, and instead of using vinyl as a stencil, try contact paper.


19. Popcorn blossoms. If you choose a piece of wood or a ceramic plate instead of a disposable plate, and use peanut butter instead of string, you could make a fully bird-edible blossoming tree.

20. Salt dough flowersSalt dough is an eco-friendly, kid-friendly crafting supply.

21. Window bird feeder made from a milk cartonThis is a terrific kid project–as you can tell, it works even with the cuts aren’t perfect!–with a huge amount of satisfaction at the end, as you can see birds! Coming right to your window!

Window Bird Feeder

22. “Hello, Spring” wooden signI love that you can use your tiniest paper scraps up to make the bunting on this cute painted sign.

23. Ombre vasesSpring is exactly the right time to give your old vases a fresh coat of paint.

24. Painted terra cotta potsYou’ve got a green thumb; there’s no reason for your plant pots to be plain brown!

25. Painted planterLike the painted terra cotta pots, this planter would make a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

26. PinwheelsI can’t think of a more festive spring craft. Pinwheels make an easy outdoor party decoration or children’s craft.

27. Seed bombsSpread the love!

28. Spring centerpieceFresh flowers and Mason jars are almost all of the things that you need to pull off a springtime centerpiece.


29. Spring hoop wreathUpcycle an embroidery hoop into a temporary seasonal wreath. The original tutorial calls for fake flowers, but blooming wildflowers would be even prettier and far more eco-friendly.

30. Spring printablesNeed an easy way to decorate for spring? Print one of these signs, pop it into a thrifted frame, and you’re all set!

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