40 DIY Upcycled Cat And Dog Toys

Cat Toy from Upcycled Materials

I am happy to think of my pets as children in fur suits. Frankly, I treat my pets exactly as I do my children, in that I’m constantly looking for enriching activities to help them reach their full potential.

Because who doesn’t want their cat to reach their full potential?

Your cat and dog will surely reach their full potential when you give them some of these cat or dog toys to play with! Each project below uses upcycled materials in its making, so that it’s eco-friendly (and cheap to make!) and has a full tutorial so that you can easily DIY your pet its newest, most fun plaything:

For the Cats

Cat Toy from Upcycled Materials

Here’s how to make a cat wand!

You will need:

  • dowel segment. Approximately 12″ is a good length.
  • ribbons. Clear out your stash!
  • duct tape.

1. Tear off a piece of duct tape, and stick ribbon pieces along the top of it.

Cat Toy from Upcycled Materials

2. Wrap the duct tape around one end of the dowel.

Your cat will love it!

Need more ideas for cat toys? Check out 20 more DIY cat toy projects below!

1. Catnip Mouse It’s a classic for a reason!

2. Sewn Fabric Ball Put a couple of jingle bells or some dried catnip inside for even more kitty fun!

3. PVC Pipe Enrichment Toy Here’s another toy that would work well for cats or dogs. Make it out of any size of PVC pipe that you have hanging out in your garage.

4. Spinning Plastic Bottle Treat Dispenser This toy would happily entertain a cat, dog, or any other curious animal, and it’s easily made from plastic bottles and some woodworking supplies.

5. DIY Cat Tree Turn a fallen branch into a REAL cat tree for your lucky kitty!


6. Cardboard Cat Camper Your cat will love to play in and around this vintage-style camper hideout, made from upcycled cardboard boxes.

7. Corks And Dowel Pound a cork onto each end of a short dowel, and toss to your cat.

8. T-Shirt Cat Toy This is even easier than the braided fleece dog toy that I’ll show you how to make below!

9. Pipe Cleaners And Paper Towel Tube You should be able to scrounge up the supplies for this toy, all for free!

10. Tupperware Cat Puzzle You can make this cat puzzle out of any lidded plastic containers that you have lying around.

11. Toilet Paper Tube Treat Holder Your cat will enjoy figuring out how to get her treat out of this toy made from an empty cardboard toilet paper tube.

12. Climbing Wall You’ll need a jute or sisal rug for this project–and plenty of wall space!

13. Crocheted Cat Toy My favorite part of this toy is the fact that the jingle bell is so sturdily attached to the crochet. Safety first!

14. Scrap Fleece Pom Poms Cat toys can be pretty small, so making them is an easy way to use up your smaller fabric scraps.

15. Fishing Pole Get creative with supplies that you can upcycle to make this fishing toy.


16. Traffic Cone Scratching Post If you regret that late-night adventure that left you the owner of a wayward traffic cone, then feel free to turn it into a scratching post for your kitty, instead.

17. Climbing Shelves Scavenge an old bookshelf and use it to make these climbing shelves.

18. Cat Tent This isn’t actually a toy, but you know what my cat likes even better than playing with toys? Lounging in a comfy spot!

19. Cat Treat Dispenser Keep the cats entertained when you’re not around with this DIY treat puzzle, made from a cardboard box and cardboard tubes.

20. Cat Activity Center Use up all kinds of recyclables making this fun activity center for your kitty!

For the Dogs

Here’s how to make a no-sew braided dog toy!

You will need:

Fleece Scraps Two inches by two feet is a good length, but you can customize the dimensions however you like.

1. Tie three fleece scraps together at one end.

2. Braid the fleece strips together.

3. Tie again at the other end.

It’s ready for tug-of-war with your pup!

Need more ideas for dog toys? Check out 18 more DIY dog toy projects below!

1. Top-Stitched Dog Stuffie Top-stitching is the secret trick to making a dog toy indestructible!

2. Denim Dog Toy Denim is another great material to use when you want to make a tough toy.

3. Frozen Dog Treats Here’s the perfect entertainment for a hot summer day, if your pup is going to be spending some time outside. I’d suggest putting in a combination of toys and homemade, healthy treats.

4. T-Shirt Ball And Tug Toy Upcycle an old T-shirt and a tennis ball into your dog’s new favorite tug toy!

5. No-Sew Heart Stuffie Here’s a way to make a stuffed toy even if you don’t know how to sew.

6. muffin tin treat game. Hide the treat in one of the tins, and fill all the tins with toys. If you’ve got a smaller dog, you could make the game work better by sticking the tin to your hardwood floor with double-sided tape.


7. Soda Bottle And Sweater Sleeve Toy The soda bottle makes such a fun crinkly noise!

8. Treats In A Glove Got a lonesome glove? Use it to keep your dog happy for hours by hiding treats in the fingers and tying it closed at the wrist.

9. Interactive Tennis Ball If you’re swimming in old tennis balls, it won’t hurt to sacrifice one to make this fun hidden treat toy for your dog.

10. Toilet Paper Tube Toy I KNOW you have an empty toilet paper tube around somewhere, or you’ll have one shortly…

11. Crocheted Dog Bone If you crochet, here’s a great way to use up some of your yarn remnants. The dog won’t care if her bone is crazy-colored!


12, Tennis Ball Bolas You get to use POWER TOOLS to make this toy!

13. Restuffable Dog Stuffie If your dog loves nothing better than to tear the stuffing out of a stuffed toy, why not just make a toy that you can re-stuff over and over again?

14. Tennis Ball And Sock Toy Now you know what to do with that one lonely sock!

15. Apple Kong If your dog loves her Kong toy, then she is going to LOVE this apple Kong.

16. Puppy Adventure Box Make a PVC pipe frame and hang lots of interesting sensory toys for your puppy to explore.

17. Dog Toy Box Your dog is going to need a place to put all of these new toys! Use a wooden crate that you already own for this project.

18. Snuffle Mat Upcycle a rubber mat into this toy that will encourage your dog to scent out a treat.

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