15 DIY Fox Masks For Cosplay And Dress-Up

fox mask

Foxes are awesome.

Seriously, there’s a neighborhood fox that makes its living picking off my backyard chickens one-by-one and I STILL think foxes are awesome! That’s how awesome foxes are!

If you, too, love foxes so much that one could eat somebody you love and you’d still forgive it, then I have your next Halloween project. Or convention cosplay. Or, you know, just dress-up outfit–I’m not here to judge you.

What I AM here to do is show you this list that I made of lots and lots of DIY fox masks, perfect for your dress-up and cosplay fun. Choose your favorite or make them all, construct each one exactly as the tutorial instructs or remix it to your liking–just don’t come after my chickens, pretty please!

1. No-Sew Felt Fox Mask


Anyone can make a mask this simple, and it’s just as simple to turn it into a quick-and-easy Halloween costume–add a T-shirt and leggings in matching colors, and you’re off to go trick-or-treating! If you want to keep the project as low-cost as possible, the secret trick is to match the mask’s colors to the T-shirt and leggings that you already own. If it’s black and pink, for instance, then a black and pink fox mask would look perfectly adorable–and perfectly matched!

2. Cardstock Mask

Here’s a mask that you can construct from cardstock or thin cardboard food packaging. The really cool feature of this mask is that you could create the whole thing with white cardstock, and then color in the features yourself.

3. Cereal Box Fantastic Mr. Fox

Maybe you’re a Roald Dahl fan (my favorite? The BFG!), or maybe you need a costume for World Book Day… because if you don’t spend all of World Book Day costumed as your favorite literary character, your life could be improved by just that much. Either way, all it takes is a cereal box, some paint, and this tutorial to turn you into a pretty snazzy Fantastic Mr. Fox.

4. Coloring Mask

This would be such a fun activity for a children’s party! Kids can color their own fox masks however they’d like, then cut them out, add an elastic band, and suddenly you have yourself an entire skulk of foxes!

5. Fox Mask On Sunglasses Base


I love this tip to attach a child’s mask to a pair of glasses frames! Doing so makes the mask super easy to put on and take off, doesn’t cause unpleasant pressure around a kid’s head the way an elastic band can, and lets you keep the structure of the mask the way you want it. If you’d like to improve the quality of materials for this mask, you can use wool felt or Eco-fi upcycled plastic felt, or even scrapbook paper.

6. Corrugated Cardboard Mask

Here’s a fox mask that has a lot more structure to it, which works in this case because it’s made from corrugated cardboard. So if you’re looking for a DIY fox mask that has a nice, long, realistic snout, and maybe some extra-puffy eyebrows, then this is definitely the mask that you want!

7. Eye Mask

Even foxes need to sleep. Instead of creating a costume mask, make a fox-themed eye mask that will allow you slumber as soundly as a fox that’s cozily snuggled up in its winter den.

8. Fox Mask Plus Face Paint

It is SUCH a clever idea to create a half-mask for the top half of your face, and then embellish the look using face paint on the bottom half of your face. That way you get to add little fangs!

9. No-Sew Fox Mask And Costume

If you’re going to do face paint, you could consider ditching the mask altogether. Here’s a whole family painted like foxes!

10. SVG Fox Mask Cut File


Y’all know from my felt flower tutorial that I’m not a fan of tutorials that are really svg cut files, but that’s only because I don’t own one of them newfangled cutting machines and I’m a hater. If you own one, there’s no reason why you can’t ask it to cut this perfectly sweet set of forest animal masks for you.

11. Made-From-Scratch Mask

You know that a mask tutorial is going to be a hard-core DIY when it begins with the instruction to draw the mask template onto a photo of your face.

12. Photo-Realistic Fox Mask

Eco-friendly printables ARE possible. Use your favorite eco-friendly printing method to print this photo-realistic fox mask, assemble it, and then I swear you’d better stay away from my chickens!

13. Upcycled Party Mask

Upcycle one of those cheap, plastic half-masks that someone gave you sometime or other into a fox mask so lovely that nobody will ever be able to tell that its secret base is a gross plastic mask form. pertvaros, turėklai, laiptai, stumdomos stiklinės durys, stogai ir terasos stiklinimas ir kitos stiklo konstrukcijos

14. Faux Fur Mask

Use the same upcycled party mask as in the tutorial above, but this time add faux fur. Now your fox is so fuzzy!

15. Feather Fox Mask

Crafting with store-bought feathers really skeezes me out, but I’m not going to judge your craft hoard. Let’s say you’ve got a random stash of craft feathers languishing in your supply bins, just begging for a way to be meaningfully upcycled. If that’s the case, then follow this very strange tutorial to make yourself a fox mask… out of one of a fox’s favorite foods, I guess?

Seriously, stay away from my chickens!

What is YOUR favorite DIY way to dress up? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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