20 Cute and Clever Printable Class Valentines

Paper Fortune Cookies Class Valentines

Skip the last-minute trip to the store, because you can print out these free class valentines in your jammies!

There are a lot of reasons to avoid going to the store for your kid’s class valentines. Maybe you’ve got a tight budget, and you know that walking into a store with one thing is a guarantee that you’re walking out with twenty things. Maybe you’re trying to avoid commercial IPs, and you don’t feel like fighting your kid over every valentine with Bluey/Disney/whatever kids are into these days. Maybe your kid has a niche interest, like mazes or trilobites or birds, and you just want them to have valentines that THEY like, for a change.

The solution to all of this?


I know printables can get a bad rap, but you really can make printables eco-friendly. And when you do, you can also save SOOO much time, effort, gas money, and product packaging by printing your own class valentines–and your kids can have exactly the valentines that they want!

Below, check out my list of my favorite printable class valentines. They’re all free to download and print, and some are even editable.

Activity Valentines

I love valentines that give kids stuff to do, not just look at.

tic-tac-toe valentines via The DIY Mom

tic-tac-toe valentine. Valentine’s Day should be about connection, and what better way to foster connection than a game of tic-tac-toe?

heart art. The littler the kid, the simpler the valentine should be! I love this simple heart as a class valentine for a younger kid. Let them color it themselves, or leave it blank for the recipient to color.

yummy coloring valentines via Gathering Beauty

yummy coloring valentines. My favorite thing about these yummy coloring valentines is how you can print just your kid’s favorite food. My kid went through a phase of being absolutely OBSESSED with doughnuts, lol!

valentine I Spy. At a full page, this might be too large for some class valentines, but you could fold it down to size and secure the fold with a bit of pretty washi tape. I like valentines that give kids something to DO, not just look at!

valentine mazes via Kara Creates

valentine mazes. I am high-key obsessed with mazes and labyrinths atm, and personally, I’d freak out with happiness to receive a maze valentine!

valentine cootie catcher. You do have to print this in color, but kids will love assembling and playing with their colorful, cute cootie catcher.

bookmark valentines via Jessie Steury

bookmark valentines. Leave them blank for the recipients to color or let your kids color them in advance to give a little handmade love.

valentine word search. A word search valentine would have been my book-ish kid’s favorite valentine EVER!

Valentines Just To Look At and Enjoy

Not every valentine has to have something for a kid to do on it (although that’s my personal preference, ahem). Sometimes a kid just wants to hand out a cute valentine, so here are some cute valentines!

Taylor Swift quotes via That’s What Che Said

Taylor Swift quotes. I know that I said a great reason to stay away from the store is to AVOID commercial IP valentines, but song lyrics don’t count!

cool cat valentines. Sometimes all your kid wants to do is give out cat valentines.

valentine stationery from Food Life Design

stationery. If your kid is the type to have a lot to say, let them write a friendly note to each of their valentines using this themed stationery.

Valentine’s Day cards. These are proper cards, not just class valentines, so your kid can save them for someone special!

colorful valentines via Brooklyn Berry Designs

colorful valentines. Lots of kids can be prickly about sentiment (I mean: hard same!), so I love that these valentines have choices that no kid could describe as gooey or gross. We should be telling EVERYONE that they’re super stars!

printable DIY valentine. If you still want your kid’s valentines to be handmade but you don’t have a million supplies on hand, all you need is a glue stick and this printable. The printable includes all the decorations, so you just have to cut them out and glue them on!

word art cards via Kitchen Table Classroom

word art cards. I like that these valentines look fine uncolored or colored-in, and I LOVE that they have some platonic sentiments to choose from.

valentine envelope. These valentines are designed to look like real envelopes, and who doesn’t love getting mail?

conversation hearts via Hello Little Home

conversation hearts. Conversation hearts make quick, easy, and cute valentines.

You’re the Sweetest via Damask Love

You’re the Sweetest. This is a REALLY nice Valentine’s Day card for kids who want to put in ALL the effort!

I Like You Beary Much via Alice and Lois

I Like You Beary Much. I love how simple and colorful these cards are. And everyone likes bears, so it’s an easy choice when you don’t want to put a ton of thought into picking out valentines!

coloring valentine via Catholic Sprouts

coloring valentine. I like this different take on the coloring valentine. Here, the giver colors the valentine as a special present for the recipient.

What is YOUR favorite valentine that you’ve ever given or received? Tell us about it in the Comments!

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