Dandelion Art: 25 Eco-Friendly Projects Using or Celebrating Dandelions

Dandelion Art

Dandelions are surprisingly easy to love (as long as they’re not in your veggie garden). You can eat them, you can play with them–heck, you can PAINT with them! It’s dandelion art whether it’s with dandelions or about them.

Do you want to craft with a seasonal, natural material in the moment, or do you want to create some faux dandelions from eco-friendly materials to remind you of happy summer days? No matter which it is, I’ve got the project for you below. Soon you, too, can be drinking dandelion lemonade while wearing pajamas printed with dandelions, a plate of dandelion cookies and a vase of felt dandelions at your side.

Read on for everything dandelion!

25 Eco-Friendly Projects Using or Celebrating Dandelions

Dandelion Lemonade via Creative Homemaking
dandelion lemonade image via Creative Homemaking
  • dandelion lemonade. Infusing your food with yummy, healthy dandelions is as easy as rinsing a handful of dandelion flowers (harvested from a pesticide- and dog pee-free location) and popping them into a pitcher of fresh lemonade.
  • dandelion wine. If you’re looking for a bigger–but still drinkable!–challenge, it’s time to try your hand at dandelion wine.
  • dandelion pesto. Okay, you are all set up with drinkable dandelions now, but what are you going to eat?!? Dandelions, of course! Dandelion greens are terrific for you, and they make a pretty awesome pesto, too.
  • dandelion ice cream. So you’ve eaten your dandelion pesto pizza, and you’ve enjoyed a glass of dandelion wine or lemonade with it. What’s for dessert? Dandelion ice cream, of course!
  • dandelion-painted furniture. Refurbish your furniture in such a way that it feels like summer all year long.

Painting with Flowers

  • dandelion paintbrush. Painting with flowers is a terrific process-oriented sensory experience for young kids… and it saves you from having to wash a bunch of paintbrushes, too!
  • dandelion cookies. This is a super simple recipe for incorporating dandelion flowers into cookies. Try it out, then experiment with adding dandelion flowers into your other favorite baked goods!
  • dandelion fingerprint art. Here’s a sweet decorative craft to help a little kiddo make for a loved one.
  • thumbprint dandelion. The Dandelion fingerprint art, above, is great for gift-giving, but this thumbprint dandelion is a more process-oriented, experiential project that kids will enjoy playing with. Who says dandelions have to be yellow?
  • yarn dandelions. Although the tutorial calls for acrylic yarn, substitute cotton or wool yarn for a more eco-friendly yarn dandelion bouquet.
Felt Dandelion via Echoes of a Dream
felt dandelion image via Echoes of a Dream
  • felt dandelion. Real dandelions never last. Fortunately, these felt ones do! For this project, either wool felt or upcycled plastic felt are okay.
  • dandelion bread. A lot of the fun of cooking with dandelions is seeing the bits of yellow peeking out here and there. It’s especially pretty in this dandelion bread!
  • dandelion honey butter. But what, you may ask, should you spread on your dandelion bread? Dandelion honey butter, of course!
  • dandelion salve and lip balm. Infusing oils to make skin care products is an accessible entry into herbalism and DIY skin care. Dandelion oil is easy to make, and the salves and lip balms that you can make from it are bright and soothing!
  • durable dandelion. This method for making dandelions durable for display requires hairspray, and I can’t think of a suitable alternative that’s not also a spray adhesive, alas. So this project isn’t completely eco-friendly, but if you already own and use hairspray or spray adhesives, a couple more quick spritzes should be all you need.
Dandelion Crown via Pink Stripey Socks
dandelion crown image via Pink Stripey Socks
  • dandelion crown. How fun is this quick and easy dandelion crown? There’s no knot-tying required!
  • dandelion cupcakes. If your kids are anything like mine, you can use the frosting to distract them from the sunflower seeds.
  • dandelion-embellished pillow. Here’s your chance to play with pom-poms AND up your embroidery game!
  • dandelion play dough. It’s really fun to add extra sensory details to play dough, and because play dough is so cheap and easy to make, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of what you add. The dandelion bits that you add to this play dough will wilt, but by that time it’ll be ready to be discarded, anyway.
  • dandelion syrup. Were you longing for a way to add dandelions to your waffles? I’ve got the answer for you: dandelion syrup!
Dandelion Paper Lanterns via A Piece of Rainbow
dandelion paper lanterns image via A Piece of Rainbow
  • dandelion paper lanterns. I love how this project utilizes both natural and upcycled materials to create a beautiful celebration of the beautiful dandelion!
  • dandelions in a jar. This is such a fun and sweet way to give someone you love a lifetime supply of wishes! It would make a cute and easy party favor for a summer birthday party.
  • dandelion-infused vinegar. Infused vinegars give a ton of variety to your cooking. Dandelion-infused vinegar, in particular, is a terrific seasonal way to dress a salad or brighten up your French fries.
  • dandelion jelly. Homemade jelly is another great way to play with the gifts of the season. Did you know that you can make jelly not just with fruits, but also with flowers like violets and dandelions?
  • fresh flower wreath. Dandelions wilt so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to make something elaborate with them, but the dandelion wreath in this tutorial is so beautiful that it’s worth the attempt. Vidaus apdailos ir bÅ«tų remonto darbai Vilniuje gera kaina If you’ve had experience successfully drying dandelion flowers, please use the Comments to tell me all your secrets!

P.S. Notice that there’s not a single dandelion paperweight to be found in this round-up? There’s a very good reason for that!

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  1. Love this post! Dandelions are often seen as weeds, but they’re so versatile and beautiful. I’ve tried making dandelion wine before and it’s delicious. Definitely trying some of these other projects out. 🌼🥂

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