25 DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow and Pocket Patterns

tooth fairy envelope

If your kid just stuffs her lost tooth under her pillow, the Tooth Fairy is NEVER going to find it.

Do you know what IS going to find that lost tooth? The vacuum, ten days later. Or the washing machine. Or the cat. Or the kid herself, and boom–there goes her belief in magic, and it’s all your fault.

Help the Tooth Fairy do her job by making your kid a sweet little homemade Tooth Fairy pillow or Tooth Fairy pocket. These projects are brilliant ways to put that lost tooth somewhere specific–and accessible–so that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t have to find herself up at 3 am, a flashlight held in her teeth, standing on her tippy-toes while she rifles through the top bunk of a kid’s bed. Seriously, friends, nobody needs to live like that.

I want better for the Tooth Fairy (and for you) so do us both a favor and check out these awesome tooth fairy pillow and tooth fairy pocket patterns. Make your favorite one before it’s too late because that 3 am search for a lost tooth is no freaking joke.

1. Altoids Tin

This particular Altoids tin is embellished with scrapbooking supplies, but you could also decoupage fabric or other found papers onto it.

2. Even Smaller Altoids Tin

Because the smaller the better, right?

3. Costumed Tooth Fairy Pillows


I love the extra embellishments that turn the tooth applique on these pillows into a pirate or a superhero!

4. Fabric Envelope

My favorite part of this fabric envelope is having your kid draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy for you to embroider on the front of the envelope.

5. Felt Drawstring Bag

This little felt bag is simple to hand-sew with embroidery floss. I love the idea of making a new one for every lost tooth, perhaps with a little note inside that gives the date. The Tooth Fairy can take the whole bag away with her–no midnight fumbling necessary–and you can make her a new one in a new color for the next tooth.

6. Crocheted Tooth Fairy Pillow


Do you have some leftover white yarn? It doesn’t take much to crochet this little pillow!

7. Felt Tooth Pocket

This little felt pocket uses the same concept as the drawstring bag above but is even simpler to sew.

8. Felt Tooth-Shaped Pillow

All of these felt projects are very simple to make but still as cute as can be. This one is shaped like a tooth fairy, complete with fairy wings!

9. Dental Floss Container


I LOVE this idea so much because those plastic dental floss containers both drive me nuts and feel inevitable.

10. Film Canister

Film canisters are a little harder to come by these days, but if you’ve got one in your stash, check out how easy it is to decorate it into a cute container for a lost tooth.

11. Free Pillow Patterns

Although most of these tutorials are quite simple, sometimes you just want a pattern to follow. Here, then is a link to THREE free tooth fairy pillow patterns. Just download, print, and get started!

12. Hanging Pillow


The Tooth Fairy doesn’t want to wake your light sleepers, so if that’s the case for your kid, she can just as easily find her tooth tucked into its own little pillow hanging from your child’s bedroom doorknob.

13. LEGO container

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are the simplest! Here’s a tooth fairy box that’s the most eco-friendly, because a kid can make it out of her own LEGOs, and then take it apart again afterward!

14. Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow


I’m a little worried that you’re going to scare the stuffing out of the Tooth Fairy by hiding your kid’s lost tooth inside a monster, but hey–a little adrenaline rush now and then is good for the heart. This project can be sewn from either wool felt or Eco-fi recycled felt, giving you an eco-friendly option no matter your preferred fabric.

15. Muslin Drawstring Bag

The fabric choice and careful sewing make this muslin drawstring tooth fairy bag heirloom-quality.

16. Larger Tooth Fairy Pillow

This slightly larger tooth fairy pillow means that it’s that much easier to sew. If you’ve got a kid who wants to help you with EVERYTHING, this would be a great project to pair up on!

17. Printable Envelope

Here’s something that you can whip together in just a few minutes since all you have to do is print, cut, fold, and glue!

18. Rainbow Unicorn Tooth Fairy Pillow


If something can be made rainbow unicorn-themed, isn’t it kind of your obligation to do so?

19. Quilting Fabric Pillow

A lot of these projects use felt, but what if it’s quilting cotton that you’ve got in spades? If that’s the case for you, check out this pieced pillow, sewn perfectly from cotton fabric.

20. Sewn Felt Box

Felt is really the superstar here since it’s so easy to sew it to make dimensional objects. Here, you can make an actual soft gift box, complete with the perfect spot to display a lost tooth, and then the quarter that the Tooth Fairy exchanges for it!

21. Tooth Fairy Jar


Since you brush your teeth in the bathroom, I think that it makes a lot of sense to leave a kid’s lost tooth their for the Tooth Fairy to collect. This tooth fairy jar suits that purpose perfectly and is upcycled from an old soda bottle.

22. Tooth Fairy With a Missing Tooth Pillow

My favorite thing about all of these projects is how much personality each one has! This tooth fairy pillow, for instance, has a little face, and that face has a little missing tooth!

23. Tooth-Shaped Pillow

I LOVE all of the sweet details in this tooth-shaped tooth fairy pillow. If you’re in the mood to make something super special, this is the project for you.

24. Upcycled Altoids Tin

Tooth Fairy Ideas: Make an Upcycled Tooth Fairy Tin

It’s not soft, but it IS a no-sew solution!

25. Walnut Shell

I’ve posted lots of upcycled tooth fairy pillows and tooth fairy pockets here, but you can also make them out of completely natural materials, of course. Wouldn’t this walnut shell treasure box be perfect?

Do you have a DIY tooth fairy pillow or tooth fairy pocket? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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