24 Free Baby Quilt Patterns

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Baby quilts are a great intro to quilting, as their smaller size makes them a less time-consuming (and yet SUPER satisfying!) project to complete. And as a bonus, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the recipient is going to treasure their handmade quilt, and someday your quilt is going to swaddle their baby, and their baby’s baby.

Worth the effort to make something like that, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re planning a baby quilt. An unconventional pattern can be made to look more baby-themed with the change of a color palette. Go for pastels, or go for bold and unusual–and remember, babies LOVE black and white!

For more inspiration, check out these free baby quilt patterns and tutorials that I’ve collected for you. Find one you like, tweak it to make it all yours, and then make something that will be treasured:

Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilt

1. Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilt This could be a really fun choice if the baby’s parent has a set of T-shirts special to them, or to fit into a themed nursery. Or am I the only one who would totally make a Star Wars nursery for my kid?

2. 1+2 Quilt This pattern actually makes a quilt for a twin bed, but plenty of baby bedrooms have full-sized beds in them–where else are you going to catch a nap during the five minutes that the baby sleeps?

3. Diagonal Strip Quilt Quilting as you go is THE way to go!

4. Easy Owl Crib Quilt I like that this tutorial calls for “fun fabric” and “solid fabric”–it’s an easy way to see how you can customize your quilt without having to worry that it’ll look too busy.

5. Lattice Baby Quilt Here’s a gorgeous quilt that looks simple enough to please a baby, but has the added interest of having the blocks pieced on the diagonal.


6. Menagerie Crib Quilt This quilt highlights some special, fussy cut fabrics.

7. Simple Pieced Baby Quilt The blocks are large here, which makes it sew up very quickly.

8. Speedy Baby Quilt Want to make a baby quilt but don’t want to spend a ton of time on it? THIS is the pattern for you!

9. Winnie The Pooh Quilt I love that this quilt isn’t in your face with the novelty theming. Use enough Winnie the Pooh novelty fabric so that you know it’s a Winnie the Pooh quilt, but piece together most of it with complementary colors and prints.

10. Black And White Triangle Quilt Babies LOVE black and white! This quilt pairs black and white with one other color, so you can match the baby’s nursery while keeping the baby interested.


11. Charm Pack Baby Quilt If you get nervous choosing fabric, you’ll love charm packs–there are lots of coordinated looks, and it takes the stress off of YOU to figure it out.

12. Gradient Wildwood Baby Quilt The gradient of colors makes this quilt striking, and allows for a wide variety of colorway possibilities.

13. Pram Blanket Make a special quilt just for the stroller!

14. Purple And Turquoise Triangle Quilt This quilt is sized for an older child, but there’s nothing wrong with making a baby quilt a little bigger, too. That way you know it will get lots of use as the kid grows!

15. Strip And Flip Baby Quilt This strip-pieced quilt would be super cute even without the cool technique to make the middle panel.

16. Tuscan Cuddle Quilt Using pre-cut pieces or charm packs makes sewing up a quilt even quicker!

quilting fabric

17. I Spy Quilt This is a great quilt idea if you want to make matching quilts for a baby and an older sibling. You get to use up a ton of your random novelty fabric, and the kids get to be entertained playing I Spy with their quilts!

18. Baby Steps Quilt This is a pattern that you see less frequently in a baby quilt–all the more reason to use it, then!

19. Color-Blocked Baby Quilt The pattern is simple, but the color choice–choose light, medium, and dark tones for an ombre effect–makes the overall quilt look sophisticated.

20. Penny Patch Quilt Don’t be embarrassed if you think you’ll need a lot of hand-holding to make your first quilt–just look for a completed sew-along, like this one.

21. Personalized Quilt Not only does this tutorial include a full series of walk-throughs of every part of the process, but it also shows you how to personalize the quilt with the baby’s name.

22. Pink Classic Quilt You can’t go wrong with the classics! Choosing one colorway to go with a white contrast makes this quilt design look clean and simple, no matter what colorway you choose.

23. Rainbow Baby Quilt This is my favorite quilt in the list! It’s just so bright and colorful, and I am a sucker for rainbow order!

24. Strip Quilt You can still incorporate novelty prints into a strip quilt. Just look for patterns that would look especially cute, like the marching elephants in the tutorial quilt.

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