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Paper Fortune Cookies Class Valentines

20 Cute and Clever Printable Class Valentines

I know printables can get a bad rap, but you really can make printables eco-friendly. And when you do, you can also save SOOO much time, effort, gas money, and product packaging by printing your own class valentines–and your kids can have exactly the valentines that they want!

Below, check out my list of my favorite printable class valentines. They’re all free to download and print, and some are even editable.

20 Cute and Clever Printable Class Valentines Read More πŸ‘‰

You can make some really great things out of old playing cards.

20 Altered Playing Card Crafts

Whether you’ve got a deck of playing cards that are past their prime or just a partial deck of survivors, I’ve got plenty of ideas for upcycling them! Playing cards are one of my favorite craft supplies to alter, and once you find your perfect project among the tutorials below, I think you’re going to like altered playing card crafts just as much as I do!

20 Altered Playing Card Crafts Read More πŸ‘‰

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