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Published on December 12th, 2016 | by Julie Finn


14 Ways to Upcycle a Disposable Cardboard Coffee Sleeve

Before you toss that coffee sleeve in the bin, check out this list of awesome ways to reuse a coffee sleeve and turn that trash into something incredible.

Before you toss that coffee sleeve in the bin, check out this list of awesome ways to reuse a coffee sleeve and turn that trash into something incredible.

Try as you might, you very likely have a disposable coffee cup somewhere in your past, complete with cardboard coffee sleeve.

Such a waste, right?

Rest assured that your plight is understood. Geniuses all over the world have taken upon themselves the task of helping you upcycle, not recycle, this disposable cardboard coffee sleeve. So before you toss that coffee sleeve in the recycling bin, check out the following list of awesome tutorials, and turn that piece of trash into your next incredible creation.

Ways to Reuse a Coffee Sleeve

1. altered artIf you like to draw, this is the perfect project for you. These are so cute that I’d frame them!

2. children’s valentine craftThis is a super easy, process-oriented valentine craft for little kids to make. Skip cutting the coffee sleeve into a heart shape, and it becomes a great any-time activity.

3. gift card sleeveA coffee sleeve is the perfect size to turn into a gift card sleeve on a handmade greeting card. Leave as-is, or cover the design and embellish it your own way.

4. gift topperCoffee Sleeve Craft: Make a Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift TopperThis works best with holiday-themed coffee sleeves; there’s a handmade-themed one at Starbucks right now that I’ll be using for gifts all next year!

5. jewelryYou would never believe that this chain is made from cardboard coffee sleeves! I also think that it would make a great garland.

6. notebookThe tutorial calls for index cards, but you can cut down your preferred paper for the same result.

7. ornament. This is a super simple ornament, that would also look really cute when altered and embellished.

8. owl magnet. Know someone who loves owls? This project is for them!

9. photo album. Scrapbooking projects don’t have to be crazy elaborate. This little mini album is mostly photos and handwritten captions, and it’s perfectly adorable.

10. plant potsYou’ll need four coffee sleeves for each plantable pot, so this is a great way to burn through a large stash.

11. re-usable coffee sleeve patternPerhaps the most noble use that you can put your disposable coffee sleeve to is as a pattern to help you make a re-usable coffee sleeve.

12. ring-bound albumThe easiest way to make an album? Punch a couple of holes and add book rings!

13. toy ship. This miniature Mayflower, which also requires two skewers, some paper, and tape, is surprisingly realistic–and super cute!

14. wall artHere’s where you show off those well-designed logos or those famous locations.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my repurposed coffee sleeves/wall art idea in your roundup! Love all the creative ideas listed here. 🙂

  2. Love the idea about a felt coffee sleeve, seems quite easy and fun to make and can be used multiple times. Pretty interesting ideas on the whole, thanks!

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