8 Cool Ways to Reuse Girl Scout Cookie Cases

Ways to Re-Use Girl Scout Cookie Cases

I often talk about ways to upcycle Girl Scout cookie boxes, but there is yet another wasteful enemy of Girl Scout Cookie Season: the Girl Scout cookie cases. Here are some crafty ways to reuse Girl Scout Cookie Cases and other packing boxes!

Here are some crafty ways to reuse Girl Scout Cookie Cases and other packing boxes!

All  Girl Scout cookies come in a case of twelve, and if you’re a Girl Scout troop leader, you probably know exactly how many of these cases will fit in your car. And then what they look like stacked six high in the least favorite room of your house. And how many you can carry in your arms in one trip between the house and the car and the car and the cookie booth site. And how to break one down quickly and efficiently and tear open another when your booth is four customers deep, the credit card reader is malfunctioning, and all of your Girl Scouts are acting like they have not a shred of sense between them.

What you do not have to know, however, is what all of these hundreds of Girl Scout cookie cases (my troop has gone through 541 so far) look like sitting out at the end of your driveway and waiting to be recycled, and that’s because even because there are so overwhelmingly many of them, they can ALL be re-used.

Seriously, my Friends. Do not despair. Read below, and you, too, will discover so many ways to reuse Girl Scout cookie cases.

Ways to Reuse Girl Scout Cookie Cases

1. Build a buddy burner. I’d probably experiment with using beeswax or soy wax instead of paraffin.

2. Build your kid a dollhouse. I only have this Girl Scout cookie case dollhouse image, but it looks pretty self-explanatory.

3. Create travel sketchbooks and easels. This would be a great craft to do with a group of kids, since if you’ve got one Girl Scout cookie case, you’ve probably got twenty.

Ways to Re-Use Girl Scout Cookie Cases4. Let your kid build with them. Tape the boxes back together, and then hand them off to your kid as the biggest, best building block set that she’s ever owned. Yes, they will take up the entire room and it will drive you crazy every time you try to walk through that room, but 1) your kids are only little once, 2) Girl Scout cookie season doesn’t last forever, and 3) whenever you’re truly over it, just remove the tape and do something else with the boxes.

5. Line your garden with them. The other parents in my troop and I bicker over who gets the empty Girl Scout cookie cases–they are seriously that good for your garden. Lay them over the areas that you want to plant to discourage weeds and do a little lasagna garden work before the season begins. Lay them over the area between the rows so that you don’t have to mow.

6. Make an easel-style display boardYou can use this board at your cookie booths, or at your kid’s next academic fair.

7. Make a scratching postCats LOVE these scratching posts!

8. Turn it into a basketJust wrap it in jute, and nobody will ever know that it used to store Samoas!

2 thoughts on “8 Cool Ways to Reuse Girl Scout Cookie Cases”

  1. Re upcycling cookie cases:
    In Canada our Girl Guide cookies come 12 in a carton which can be made into a carrying case. We give a thousand or more cases each campaign to the local animal shelter and wildlife rescue centres who use them for transporting rescued animals or those being adopted.

    They also make great filing cases as file folders fit neatly in them (and the classic cookies arrive just in time for tax season).

    For service projects, we create birthday parties in a box (everything to have a party – cake mix, candles, decorations, goody bags, treats etc.) for kids in shelters. After the party, the shelters often return them to us so we can refill them several times before the box gives out at which time it becomes material for crafts.

    We have many requests from people for the cartons for their own projects – very few end up in the recycling bin.

  2. Jennifer Huckeby

    I’m not sure if you’re the one that has the 8 Cool ways to reuse Girl Scout Cookie Boxes but I would like to see some pictures of them. I tried to see if they would pull up but the only one that I got to pull up was the Buddy Burner. I would like to see the doll house, the one about the garden, and the one about the basket. Thank you.

    Jennifer Huckeby

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