5 Projects to Make with That Netflix Envelope Flap

Projects for Netflix Envelope Flaps

Projects for Netflix Envelope Flaps

There is just one thing wrong with those magical DVDs that appear like comforting angels in my mailbox, their primary purpose in life to give me something to stare at while lying in bed and drinking wine straight from the bottle: those dang-blasted envelope flap thingies that they leave behind! You can recycle them wherever recycling centers accept Tyvek, but I’m betting that most people just toss them, sigh.

Fortunately, others share my plight, and have taken their crafty vengeance upon the Netflix envelope… flap… thingy. So the next time that a Netflix DVD comes to rescue you from your lonely life, don’t just toss that flap. Instead, check out the list below, and find your next favorite upcycling project!

1. Christmas projects. A few of these projects are a little cheesy, but the bow is super cute, and the garland would actually look pretty cool in your TV room. Unless you’re embarrassed that you’ve watched so many Netflix DVDs that you can make a garland that covers your ceiling out of the envelope flaps? Nah, don’t be embarrassed about that. Time well spent, Bro.

2. heart-shaped book. Here’s your next Valentine’s Day present or love-themed smash book. Or ode to your favorite movies?

3. origami. This is the gold-standard Netflix re-use project. Netflix origami has been around since Netflix was new, and yes, I DO plan to have my kids make all of their valentines out of Netflix envelopes, because that origami heart is so cute!

4. paper. This is my favorite project–handmade paper from Netflix envelope flaps! Just don’t toss the paper that you make into the recycling when it’s done, as Netflix envelopes are actually made from Tyvek.

5. Project Life entry. So what if you stayed home all week and watched Netflix? Show off that accomplishment in your Project Life journal!

Image Credit: Buh-Bye Netflix image via Traci Lawson, CC2.0

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