Easy Handmade Gift: Make Scrapbook Paper Stationery Sets

handmade scrapbook paper stationery

handmade scrapbook paper stationery

Whether you need a quick and easy handmade gift or you would rather not hit up the store just so you can send some thank-you notes, you’ll find that it is super simple to make your own personalized, handmade stationery, entirely from your favorite scrapbook paper.

You will need:

scrapbook paper. I’m using 8.5″x11″ scrapbook paper for the stationery in these photos, and I had very little waste left over. You can also, of course, use typing paper of the same size (perhaps with children’s artwork on one side?), or even wrapping paper or thin cardboard food packaging, but keep in mind that your paper needs to be sturdy enough to be mailed, and if you choose something very thick, you’ll need to account for that in your measuring.

measuring and cutting tools. I’m using a self-healing cutting mat, clear plastic ruler, and the same rotary craft knife that I almost cut off a chunk of my left forefinger with.

glue stick. It’s basic, but really is the best supply for this job.

handmade scrapbook paper stationery

1. Make custom envelopes. If you have a size in mind for your notepaper, you can make custom envelopes that will fit the notepaper perfectly. Otherwise, there are loads of good envelope templates online.

The envelopes that I’m making from my 8.5″x11″ scrapbook paper are 4″x6″, not including the flap.

2. Cut down a second piece of scrapbook paper to fit the envelopes. The matching notepaper should be twice the height of your envelope, and approximately 1/4″ less in width.

For my own pieces of notepaper, I cut 1/2″ off of the width of my scrapbook paper, and then cut the remaining piece in half, giving me two pieces of notepaper that are 5.5″x8″.

handmade scrapbook paper stationery

3. Fold each piece of notepaper in half. You can stack them together and insert them into your envelope, or make a second envelope to accommodate the second piece of notepaper.


To address your envelopes, put a white mailing label on the front of each envelope and write on that. Alternately, fold your envelopes so that the scrapbook paper is on the inside and the white side is facing out.

If you buy a book of scrapbook paper, you’ll find that it includes both similar patterns in different colorways and different patterns in the same colorway; either option would make a lovely, large set of handmade stationery to give as a gift.

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Written by Julie Finn

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