Craft Your Style Brown Paper Bag Crafts: How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Journal

Published on November 23rd, 2016 | by Julie Finn


26 Brown Paper Bag Crafts

Brown Paper Bag Crafts: How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Journal

I know that this former grocery store standard is happily being phased out in many areas, but if you’ve still got a stash under your sink, then check out some of these brown paper bag crafts and get it cleared out before Christmas!

Brown Paper Bag Crafts: 15 DIY School Supplies1. book coverIt may be old-school, but it works!

2. candy bowl. This papier mache bowl is Halloween-themed, but just decorate it differently for a different holiday.

3. Cook a turkeyI’m not really into turkey, so I haven’t tried this myself, but I know people who swear by it.

4. family timelineThis would be such a great project to do with kids!

5. floorDid you know that you can make brown paper bag flooring?!? It’s not for the faint of heart, but I think that it looks pretty cool.

6. gift wrapIt’s not the sexiest wrapping paper, but it’s also not gaudy, and if you’ve got the artistic touch, you can embellish this wrapping paper to make it truly stunning.

7. heart-shaped wall hangingThe tute suggests this wall hanging for Valentine’s Day, but it would make a cute anytime gift to someone special, as well.

8. inspiration bookFill this book with the quotes that get you through the day.

Brown Paper Bag Crafts: How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Journal9. journal. This quick and easy brown paper bag journal is a terrific travel journal, and also a great kid’s craft.

10. leaf garlandYou can leave this one up from September through Thanksgiving!

11. origami walletYou can make a wallet from duct tape–why not brown paper?

12. placematWhy spend money on a placemat when it’s just going to get dirty anyway?

13. printablesLearn how to print onto brown paper bags, and all kinds of craft projects are open to you!

14. pumpkinThis makes a terrific seasonal decoration, especially if you don’t want to deal with rotting Jack-o-lanterns.

15. recipe cardsBrown paper is almost as sturdy as index cards.

16. ribbon. Seriously–brown paper bag ribbon! And it’s gorgeous!

17. rose. It’s the edging on these brown paper bag roses that makes them look so realistic.

Brown Paper Bag Crafts: Upcycled Art Journals18. spiral-bound journalIf you don’t like to sew your book bindings, you could invest in a spiral binder and make easy books like these.

19. sash. Here’s a super easy sash for dress-up!

20. sewn basketYou can make these large-scale to hold all of your large stuff.

21. stairsOkay, these aren’t paper bag stairs, exactly, but stairs covered in paper bag flooring. Regardless, they look amazing.

22. stockingThis is a super-simple DIY once stores start to come out with their holiday-themed bags.

23. treeDecorate with this tree as-is, or use it as the base for all kinds of handmade leaves and embellishments.

24. trick-or-treat bagNicely embellished, it’s much better than a pillowcase!

25. turkeyThis is THE perfect decoration for the kids’ table. It’s even carvable!

26. wreathThis is a lovely all-seasons wreath that you can embellish any way you’d like.

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  1. BCS Plumber says:

    Haha I love the cats!

  2. I always use them as gift wrapping! It goes great with twin string!

  3. The family timeline is a great idea!

  4. Ah great. I also use them for gift wrapping. This is a great idea.

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