14 Handmade Business Cards from Eco-Friendly Materials

DIY Watercolor Business Cards

DIY Watercolor Business Cards

Want your creative business to have creative business cards to go with it? Check out this list of handmade business cards, all made from eco-friendly materials!

1. brown paper seed packet business cardsMakers of crafts made from natural materials would do especially well giving out these business cards that double as seed packets.

2. confetti cardsIf you sell small crafts, you might even have the tiny envelopes on hand.

3. embellished business cards with a treatIf you’re a jewelry maker, consider embellishing your business cards with a couple of beads or surplus jewelry findings.

4. embroidered business cardsHand these out when you want to make a BIG impression!

5. painted edgesWhatever business card you design, here’s how to give it a pop of color along the edges.

6. paper and fabric scrap business cardsIf you sew, you can upcycle your fabric scraps for these themed business cards.

7. paper bag business cardsThere’s something about Kraft paper–it just looks good however you use it!

8. paper scrap business cardsThese look especially great if you work with paper, as you can include all of your littlest scraps and leftovers.

9. scrapbook paper business cardsIf you’ve got scrapbook paper, you’ve got business cards!

10. sewn paper business cardsThese business cards suit all kinds of craft businesses, but will be especially quick and easy to make with your sewing machine.

11. shipping label business cardsWhy not use some of your extra shipping supplies to make your business cards?

12. shrink plastic business cardsUse #6 plastic to make your business cards tiny and adorable.

13. watercolor business cardsHere’s a super easy way to embellish plain printer-ready business card sheets.

14. wrapped business cardsThese cards would look well with stash leftover yarn or ribbon, or even thread.

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