Two Dozen Homemade Halloween Costumes for Adults

women and child wearing halloween costume

Don’t let the kids have all the fun this Halloween! There are so many homemade Halloween costumes that are perfect for adults, whether you’re more into low-key, understated looks or super elaborate cosplay creations or costumes that you can make simply by embellishing something that you already own.

Whatever your style, check out some of my favorite homemade Halloween costumes for adults for the tutorial that speaks to you, and then go make yourself into something epic!

1. Claw Machine

Any costume that you can make almost entirely out of cardboard boxes is a win to me!

2. Deer

My favorite part of this costume is the tree branch antlers. It can be really hard to incorporate natural materials into a homemade costume, so this is a big achievement!

3. Disney Princess

Elsa, Ariel, and Belle are all within your reach with this tutorial! If you need a little more hair to pull off your princess look, here’s a good way to go about it using yarn.

4. Enderman

An Enderman is a terrific costume for an adult! Either you’ll impress all the kids with your Minecraft knowledge, or, since you’re adult-sized, you’ll make them think that you’re a real Enderman and scare the snot out of them. If you need a foe, outfit someone you love with this DIY scrap wood Minecraft sword, and then go chase them!

5. Flapper

Starting with a simple black dress, add all the embellishments that you need to turn yourself into someone that Gatsby, himself, would be super into!

6. Fortune Teller

Here’s another costume made almost entirely from cardboard boxes!

7. Gnome

This costume couldn’t be easier. Simply make yourself this felt gnome hat, and then wear whatever outfit you already own that looks the most Nordic.

8. House Plant

The house plant costume is going to borrow your laundry basket, but will give it back in perfect condition!

9. Jigglypuff

Costumes that require simply embellishing clothes that you already own are my favorite costumes! If you need a matching costume, here’s how to DIY Ash Ketchum.

10. LEGO

I love that this costume is dead simple to scale up or down in size, but I HATE that it uses red Solo cups for the LEGO’s pegs. I can’t think of what a perfect substitute would be, though!

Your best bet is to find something similar to upcycle (know anyone addicted to Ramen cups who’d rinse them out and save them for you?) or to make every circle by hand out of more cardboard–sucky if you’re making family costumes, but doable for one person’s costume, I think.

11. M&M

Assuming that you’ve got a plain T-shirt (pro tip: you can turn a graphic T-shirt inside out!), you’re one applique away from being delicious!

12. Llama

Because you’ve always wanted to ride a llama, haven’t you?

13. Maleficent

You’ll find a score of tutorials here that cover several versions of DIY horns, makeup, and the dress.

14. Medusa

Got a kid’s old toy snakes to upcycle? If so, you can be Medusa! Here’s how to give yourself an upcycled snake headpiece.

15. Minnie Mouse

This tutorial shows you how to add just a few embellishments to clothes that you already own (as long as you own a red skirt or pair of pants…) to make yourself into Minnie Mouse.

16. Mermaid

Want to be a magical mermaid for Halloween? Here’s how to do mermaid makeup–if you don’t have fishnet tights, I really think that those net produce bags would also work. Then, add a mermaid skirt, sizing up the panels to reflect your own waist and hip dimensions.

17. Paper Doll

This costume idea is so brilliant! To make the costume eco-friendly, use large-format cardboard instead of foam board. Ask around your friends list to see if anyone’s expecting the delivery of a large furniture item, or check your local recycling center, where sometimes they’ll have a section where they keep terrific pieces of cardboard for a while in case anyone wants it.

18. Peter Pan

If you’ve got a green shirt and shorts that you don’t mind cutting into, this costume is an easy build.

19. Pinata

Here’s what you do with all of your leftover crepe paper!

20. Rosie the Riveter

This YouTube video walks you through the costume, hair, and makeup that will turn YOU into Rosie the Riveter!

21. Royalty

The crown in this tutorial is made from a cereal box!

22. Rubik’s Cube

Any costume that’s made from a box is generally a versatile DIY that can be made for a kid through an adult. If you don’t want to look too accessible, you can also turn yourself into an unsolved Rubik’s cube!

23. Sushi

The only thing that you really need to DIY this costume is a pillowcase that resembles salmon.

24. Wolf

Sometimes you just need one costume element. If that’s the case, why not make yourself a wolf tail?

Do you have a favorite homemade Halloween costume that YOU love to wear? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

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