Free Patterns from Indie Pattern Companies: Outerwear and Layers

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Outerwear can feel like some of the more complicated garments to sew. So many structural elements! So much hardware! So much interfacing and lining and piping and casings!

These free patterns from indie pattern companies are a great way to ease yourself into sewing outerwear. You can gain needed skills, probably discover that it’s not as hard as you thought it was, and familiarize yourself with standard pieces like hoods and kangaroo pockets and drawstrings.

And when you’ve found a pattern that you like, browse the rest of that indie pattern company’s catalogue to find even more patterns by the same designer!

Free Patterns for Hoodies, Robes, and Sweaters

Free Patterns: Robe Jacket by Alison Pollard and Charlotte Mackay for Peppermint Magazine
Robe Jacket by Alison Pollard and Charlotte Mackay for Peppermint Magazine

Robe Jacket by Alison Pollard and Charlotte Mackay for Peppermint MagazineIf you’re secretly still afraid of zippers, this is the jacket for you!

Jack Zip Front Hoodie by PSCo. An awesome hoodie pattern is EVERYTHING to me!!!!! You can use new sweatshirt material for this hoodie, or piece it from upcycled sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. A more upscale option is the Ramona Shacket, also by PSCo.

Billie Wearable Blanket by DIBY Club. Yep, it’s a slanket. I am OBSESSED with slankets! The only thing that could possibly be as comfy is the Gabriela Pajama suit by the same company.

Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon
Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon Sewing Patterns.

Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon Sewing PatternsSew a scarf that won’t fall off, because it’s secretly a cardigan!

Classic Robe by Sew to GrowThe perfect robe is the simplest! If you like this pattern and want to try more, check out Sew to Grow’s Kaia Coatigan or Alston Reversible Jacket.

Trendsweater by The CoutureThis beautiful sweater has dropped sleeves and a cropped hem. For the same look in a jacket, check out the Jeansjacken Emma by the same company.

Avast a Vest Circle Vest by Patterns for Pirates
Avast a Vest Circle Vest by Patterns for Pirates

Avast, a Vest Circle Vest by Patterns for PiratesPatterns for Pirates is the first indie pattern company with inclusive sizing that I found after learning to sew, and it’s still my favorite company! If you need even more layers, I think you’ll also like their Lumberjack pattern.

Sweatshirt with Hood by LekalaI love how this pared-down pattern has you input sizing, then automatically grades it for you for a custom fit. If you like it, check out their patterns with more detailing.

Free Patterns for Capes, Ponchos, and Shawls

Riding Hood Poncho by Stitch Upon a Time
Riding Hood Poncho by Stitch Upon a Time

Riding Hood Poncho by Stitch Upon a TimeThis is a versatile pattern that’s amenable to a variety of fabric types. For a basic warm layer, sew it with fleece. Upgrade to PUL or wool to make it waterproof! For an adult cover, check out Marian’s Cover All Shawl, also by Stitch Upon a Time.

North Pole Poncho by PSCoThis poncho is a little more challenging than the Riding Hood Poncho, above. If you like it, next try the Olive Oversized Sweater by the same company.

Blanket Wrap by Made for MermaidsI love that this pattern is available in sizes from doll to adult! I also really like the Made for Mermaids Calliope Cardigan.

Candy Cape by George + GingerFor those times when you can’t get away with showing your shoulders!

Poncho by Schnittquelle
Poncho by Schnittquelle

Poncho by SchnittquelleIf you knit, you’re going to be so excited to add the knitted collar to this poncho! I also really like their Schnittmuster Coat pattern.

Hooded Infinity Scarf by DIBY ClubA hooded scarf is even warmer than a regular scarf!

Maxi Stole with Sleeves by MarfyThis long stole can be sewn from fancy fabric and worn with your favorite formalwear. If you love it, try making a Marfy jacket pattern next!

Sleigh Ride Shawl by Patterns for PiratesHere’s another warm, comfy layer from Patterns for Pirates. I think it would pair well with the Notch Top and Dress by the same company.

Free Patterns for Jackets and Coats

French Jacket by Marfy
French Jacket by Marfy

French Jacket by MarfyThis VERY chic jacket pattern is a real treasure! If you love sewing it, try this short jacket pattern, also by Marfy, next.

Jacket by Grasser
Jacket by Grasser

Jacket by GrasserIf you’re feeling a little more adventurous, this jacket by Grasser has some excellent detailing.

West End Jacket by Camille of Camimade Patterns for Peppermint MagazineThis jacket has a straight fit and features flat seams to further reduce bulk. No matter the temperature I always love a layer, so I’m very into the fact that you can sew this jacket from something lightweight for warm temps, or something heavier for the cold.

Do you have an outerwear pattern that you absolutely love… AND did it come from an indie pattern company? Share the love in the Comments!

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