How to Make a Sachet: 21 Projects

How to Make a Sachet

How to Make a Sachet

I’m not saying that your home is smelly.

But… it could smell nicer, couldn’t it?

Sachets are one of the easiest ways to add a nice scent to a little pocket of your home, whether it’s in your underwear drawer or your coat closet or your nightstand.

They’re useful, too, since a sachet filled with cedar chips will keep moths out of your sweaters, while one with a lavender scent will help you fall asleep.

The best part about sachets, though, is that they’re so easy to make, and there are hundreds of different ways to make them! Read on for a list of my favorite ways to make a sachet, and I’m sure that you’ll find your new favorite method:

How to Make a Sachet1. buckwheat eye pillowAdd lavender to this eye pillow to make it even more relaxing.

2. bunny sachetsThese wee sachets are actually filled with silica desiccant, to use when storing metal notions. Brilliant!

3. cone sachetHere’s an unusual shape for a sachet.

4. cornmeal sack sachetThis particular sachet is made from a vintage cornmeal sack, which means that it’s perfect for the kitchen. Hint: I hear that peppermint keeps the mice away!

5. crochet sachetCrochet is an excellent way to make a sachet, since the open weave will certainly let the scent free.

6. fabric and canvas sachetsThese sachets have one side cut from a pretty print, and one side cut from plain canvas.

7. faux tea bagsThis would be a cute way to make a sachet.

8. fabric heart sachetsSachets sewn from felt and fabric and embellished with small details are too lovely to hide. These heart sachets would make a nice handmade gift, especially for a housewarming, or party favors for a wedding.

9. gift bag sachetIf you’re making tons of sachets, or simply don’t want to sew, you can sustainably source plain cotton, muslin, or linen bags as your starting point.

10. hanger sachetYou’ll have no problem finding space for this sachet in your closet.

11. handkerchief sachetThis tutorial starts with a single handkerchief!

12. house-shaped sachetHere’s another great housewarming gift!

13. moth-repellent sachetThis is what you put in with your sweaters.

14. no-sew sachetsDon’t no how to sew? No problem!

15. paper sachetsHere’s a sachet tutorial for all of you scrapbookers!

16. shoe deodorizerThese little no-sew sachets are specifically designed to suck the nasty odors out of your shoes. Yay!

17. sugar skull sachetsIf you’re not into hearts, then surely you’re into skulls! These felt skull sachets are filled with autumn scents, but I’d want to keep mine out all year round.

18. tub teaThis sachet is meant to be added to your bathwater, but in the meantime, I’ll bet that it makes your bathroom smell wonderful.

19. used dryer sheet sachetIf you can’t kick the dryer sheet habit, then you can at least upcycle them.

20. vintage fabric sachetsThis is also a beginner-friendly tutorial, as it doesn’t require turning or top-stitching your sachet.

21. wax sachetsDried fruits and herbs are melted into wax to make these lovely sachets.

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