How-to: Organic Terrycloth Hooded Towel with Applique

Organic Terrycloth Hooded Towel

organic terrycloth hooded towel with applique (2 of 2)

There’s nothing like hopping out of the pool and into a comfy, soft, bounteous towel.

But big beach towels are hard for little kids to manage, and that bleached, dyed terrycloth can be scratchy and harsh on damp, delicate skin.

It’s an organic terrycloth hooded towel to the rescue!

This hooded towel isn’t for babies–if you start with your own organic terrycloth fabric (like this organic natural terryclothΒ given to me by Organic Cotton Plus), you can sew this hooded towel with proportions perfect for big kids. Organic terrycloth won’t add any extra chemicals to your kiddo’s tender skin, and it’s softer than those cheap-o novelty beach towels.

And just in case there’s any doubt who that awesome hooded towel belongs to, there’s plenty of room on the back for a monogram, done superhero-style in the case of my superhero-loving kiddo, who’s decided that her hooded towel does, indeed, look a LOT like a superhero’s cape.

Need a superhero cape/hooded towel for your own kiddo? Read on for the tute:

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