Spotted: Kids’ Detox Bath from The Paleo Mama + 7 Other Kid-Friendly Herbal Recipes

Detox Bath for Kids

Detox Bath for KidsIf you’ve got a kid who’s feeling a little ragged today, or one who’s perhaps facing the first of what you’re afraid might be a whole winter-long string of colds, this would be a great time to check out the detox bath recipe from The Paleo Mama. She’s got a full tutorial for giving your kid a detox bath, including measurements of ingredients based on the weight of your kiddo, and the best essential oils to include for various symptoms.

The best part is that unlike actual medicine, which your kids will fight to avoid taking and which probably includes a bunch of stuff you don’t want them to have, kids LOVE baths, and they’re going to take them anyway, so you might as well just pop some of this good stuff in and let them feel the benefits of a detox bath.

Beyond the Detox Bath: 7 More Herbal Recipes for Kids

Detox baths aren’t the only place where you can gently sneak some of those healing herbs and oils into a kid’s system. Check out these 7 other kid-friendly herbal recipes for even more ideas:

1. aromatherapy play doughSprinkle a little eucalyptus oil into this dough, and the kids will breathe easier.

2. body butterRicher than lotion, this body butter won’t make kids feel greasy.

3. body glitterThe kids will LOVE the glitter. You’ll love that they’re rubbing aloe vera into their skin.

4. car air freshenerI made my car air freshener out of wool felt, and I prime it with real essential oils. A lavender smell makes a long car ride so much more bearable than stinky-feet smell!

5. lip balmKeep chapped lips away from your kids this winter.

6. solid body lotion. A gentle massage from a parent at the end of a day can really relax a kid and help her sleep better. This solid body lotion contains only natural, wholesome ingredients. Research kid-friendly essential oils, and add just a couple of drops to the recipe–a little goes a long way!

7. vegetable glycerin soapKids can help make this natural melt-and-pour soap, and choose the dried herbs that they include.

Do you have a go-to natural recipe for when your kids are feeling down? Please share it in the Comments below!

[detox bath image via The Paleo Mama]

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