Crafty Green Review: Hand-Crafted, Eco-Friendly Soap from Soaps to Live by

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Even if you make your own soap (and I do), you just don’t always have time for that.

I mean, do you? I don’t, not always. In my house, some days are soapmaking days, but most days are catch up on the laundry, tell the kids to stop fighting, work when I can hear myself think days.

But if you’re not making your own soap, buying someone else’s hand-crafted soap is the next best thing. Someone else’s hand-crafted soap was still made by a real person (just not you!). It still uses real ingredients that you can pronounce (but you didn’t have to buy them!). Each bar is still one of a kind, made in small batches (but it’s not your kitchen that has to be cleaned afterwards!).

It’s been months since I’ve dragged out my own soap-making supplies, so Soaps to Live by gave me three bars of their own hand-crafted soap to use. These soaps are made by real people, using real ingredients, in small batches, with eco-friendly practices. Read on to see how I liked them, and how Soaps to Live by is going to give even more soap away to one of you!

marks on the bars show that they were cut by hand
marks on the bars show that they were cut by hand

My family is currently washing with Bliss oatmeal clove soap, Dream peppermint rosemary organic soap, and Shine citrus lavender soap (well, Shine is technically supposed to be the guest soap, but I can tell that my sneaky family has been using it!). My kids seem to be partial to the citrus lavender soap, but I have a thing for peppermint, so I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve put “my” Dream soap up on a high shelf in the shower to claim it.

The soaps are just as gorgeous as you’d imagine, with creamy lather and yummy scents. But the REALLY cool thing about them, I think, are the eco-friendly practices that surround them. Soaps to Live by says that their labels are made of biostone, a compostable, biodegradable stone (?!?) product. Seriously–rocks, not trees. And not only are their labels tree-free, but Soaps to Live by also says that they’ll plant a tree for every soap that you buy, thanks to their partnership with Trees for the Future.

Now, do you feel a little left out that I got some super-nice soap and you didn’t? Well, check back tomorrow, because Soaps to Live by is sponsoring a giveaway, in which one lucky American reader (Sorry, but international shipping is INSANE!) will win their own set of three hand-crafted Soaps to Live by soaps.

Will that winner be… you?

Soaps to Live by gave me free soap, because I can’t review something until it’s spent some serious quality time in the shower with me.

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